Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

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Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4), Tuesday 20 March 2018

Opening Keynote Plenary: Rail Leadership


Organiser’s Welcome Remarks

Lincoln Leong

Keynote Interview: Lincoln Leong, Chief Executive Officer, MTR Corporation

Future of railway in Hong Kong and beyond: MTR’s expansion strategy 
Jeroen Weimar

Keynote Interview: Jeroen Weimar, Chief Executive Officer, Public Transport Victoria

Transforming the public transport network in Melbourne
HE Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes

Keynote Interview: Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Agency, Roads and Transport Authority

Dubai's rail transport journey and beyond
Panel discussion

Rail Leaders' Panel

    wing the interviews, our rail leaders will gather on a panel to explore the big issues affecting rail operators all around the world. Issues for discussion include:     
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely with each other to enhance service reliability and passenger satisfaction?    
  •     What is a sustainable and profitable model to manage rail development and daily operations?    
  •     With the expansion of rail networks in the next decade, what can be done to build up our rail engineering capabilities and workforce?    
  •     How can we deliver more capacity through the effective use of staff, assets and systems?    
  •     The urban mobility landscape is evolving with on-mobility demand services and new technologies, how can rail operators respond to this changing landscape? 
Norman Frisch

Embrace innovation while maintaining long term operational stability

  • Ever increasing demands on Rail services call for continuous innovation and elasticity of the underlying ICT infrastructure. At the same time rail operational communication expects stability and reliability of telecommunication networks which are subject to quick innovation cycles. 


  • With the right strategy on standardization, migration concepts and an holistic approach on rail requirements rapidly innovating ICT technology can serve rail operator’s ICT demands throughout the lifetime of their infrastructure. 

Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

Modernisation of freight corridors

Jimmy Hui
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Conference Chair

Voravuth Mala
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Boosting Thailand’s railway freight development: Opportunities and challenges

  •     Service expansion in securing future demand and improvement of usage share 
  •     How does railway freight support future trade in the Greater Mekong sub-region? 
  •     How can SRT capture more on revenues from freight traffic and increase its local usage share? 
  •     How can the China-Thailand Railway Project increase freight and passenger connectivity?  
Hermanto Dwiatmoko
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Modernisation of Indonesia’s railways to drive economic development

  •     Key projects and timelines in upgrading and building new freight lines to expand capacity?
  •     Collaboration opportunities with the private sector 
Vivek Mohan
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Enhancing rail freight infrastructure and services: A case study on the Indian Scenario

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  •     Introduction of new types of wagon to carry specialized commodities 
  •     Latest initiatives to improve quality of maintenance and monitoring systems 
  •     Network growth: New plans and collaboration with private players 
Jayantha Gunathilake
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Modernisation and expansion of Sri Lanka’s railways

  •     Upcoming developments in Sri Lanka – Proposed Railway Electrification Project & Light Rail Transit in Colombo 
  •     Optimising existing resources to improve mainline efficiency 
  •     How will Sri Lanka Railways continue to modernize the railways and raise passenger and freight volumes? 

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Rail Freight Efficiency

Nyi Nyi Swe
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Status of Myanma Railways & Current Development Projects

  •     Introduction to the current situation of Myanmar’s transport sector 
  •     Status of Myanma Railways 
  •     Integration of Myanmar’s rail network 
  •     Current Development Projects (current and upcoming infrastructure development projects)  
Sota Ouk
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Rehabilitating Cambodia’s railway networks to build regional connectivity

  •     What plans have been identified to upgrade Cambodia’s rail infrastructure to cope with increasing freight demand?
  •     How will such upgrades be financed?
  •     What are the challenges involved?  
Koji Nishimura
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Meeting the rising demand of Asia’s freight industry

  •     Tapping on opportunities to establish greater intermodal and border connectivity
  •     Meeting the growth of Asian import and export demands
  •     Plans for system improvement, upgrading and modernizing of locomotives fleet 
Juergen Maier-Gyomlay
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Towards sustainable rail freight operations: A case study on BLS Cargo

  •     What political and strategical  initiatives have been put in place to improve operations and efficiency?
  •     Raising freight volumes to maximise value and customer satisfaction delivered from freight service
  •     How has technology and process help to improve performance, productivity and profitability? 
Ismail Said
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Transforming KTMB: Capabilities and Experience in Managing the Modernization of Railway Infrastructure

  •     Optimising the freight performance of intensively utilized mixed-traffic rail network to facilitate efficient operations
  •     How can freight trunk routings be optimized to minimise passenger/freight conflicts?
  •     Upgrading network capability to increase freight capacity 

Rail Freight Leaders Panel

Panel discussion
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Rail Freight Leaders Panel: Perspectives into industry dynamics and global emerging trends

  • What role does rail play in intermodal freight
  • How should authorities and operators be collaborating to deliver end-to-end freight services?
  • Accelerating the rail freight network in the region to gain greater market share
  • What are the key challenges towards achieving sustainable development?


Exhibition VIsit & Networking Refreshments

Closing Keynote Plenary

Richard Anderson

Driving financially sustainable growth in metro networks - Lessons from ‘The Operators’ Story’ – a Collaboration between the World Bank, the Community of Metros and Imperial College London

  •     What drives financial success and minimizes the need for long-term government funding?
  •     What are the factors that affect metro costs within and outside operator control?
  •     What has been the impact of network development on metro finances? 
  •     How can optimising capacity deliver the most cost-effective outcomes for a metro?
  •     How can today’s successful Asian metros and their governments avoid the mistakes of older metros?  
Rolf Härdi

The future is digital, transformation is now

  •     The digital future has already started. Where are we now? Where are we heading tomorrow?
  •     Deutsche Bahn’s approach to digital transformation and overcoming challenges 
  •     Digital innovations to deliver our vision of  a seamless passenger experience 
  •     How can transport companies collaborate with each other to be more successful in the digital age? 
  •     How can traditional technologies benefit from digital technologies and vice versa?
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Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4), Wednesday 21 March 2018


Organiser's Welcome Address

Dr. Jacob Kam Chak-pui

A Rail Transport Perspective of the Guangzhou-HK-Macau Greater Bay Area Development

  •     Development of a city cluster in the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  •     Boosting urban connectivity and economic cooperation between Hong Kong, Macau and 9 cities in Guangdong province  
  •     Tapping into opportunities: What is MTR’s expansion strategy into Mainland China?   
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Towards long-term sustainability of railway operations

  •     How can modern metros ensure financial sustainability and sufficient funds for asset upgrade and renewal?
  •     As labour costs increase, how can rail operators offset rising costs with revenue growth and increased productivity?
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely together in ensuring long-term financial and quality sustainability?
  •     Building ‘liveable’ communities: Building railways that connect with and complement the urban development of a city 
Edgar Sée

Metro 2030: Paris Metro’s modernisation and automation programme

  •     Advantages of the automated metro 
  •     Key characteristics of Paris Metro Line 4 and challenges in its automation 
  •     Industrial strategy and key success factors of Line 4 automation  

Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

New High Speed Rail Corridors

Dr. Philco Wong
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Hong Kong’s high speed rail project – Express Rail Link

  •     Overview of the Express Rail Link 
  •     What are the key construction challenges and how were they overcome?
  •     Integrated testing and cross-boundary dynamic testing of train sets 
Pichet Kunadhamraks
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Thailand’s high speed rail ambitions – Connecting Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima

  •     Building Thailand’s first high-speed rail link with a target operation date in 2020 
  •     Project timelines and collaboration opportunities 
  •     Future expansion plans – vision of linking with China- Laos Railway   
Samantha Pheh
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Malaysia’s economic vision for the KL-SG HSR corridor

  •     What are the socio-economic benefits that will come with KL-SG HSR corridor? 
  •     Tender timeline: What are the opportunities for collaboration? 
  •     Cross-industry collaboration and economic acceleration  

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

New High Speed Rail Corridors (II)

Rachman Suhanda
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail Project – Types of HSR structure for special geological conditions in Bandung

  • Building Indonesia’s first HSR link – Project introduction and current status
  • Construction challenges associated with geological conditions 

High Speed Rail Sustainability

Min Seok Lee
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Operational & Sustainability of South Korea’s High Speed Rail Network

  • What are the key lessons gained from Korea’s experience with high speed rail
  • How does Korea HSR contributes to development of Korea national economy?
  • Plans for network expansion
Hung Kang Sung
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

Lessons from Taiwan High Speed Railway –- Strategies to promote sustainable growth

    aiwan High Speed Railway Project is one of the largest privately managed and funded Build-Operate-Transport projects in the world.
  •     BOT financial model and its application in the railway
  •     Overcoming the legal, administration and financial issues in the collaboration
  •     What can other emerging high speed rail projects learn from the Taiwan HSR experience? 
Tsung-Chung (TC) Kao
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

The Future of High Speed Rail Systems

Philippe Lorand
Rail Freight & High Speed Rail (Theatre 4)

38 Years of HSR with SNCF: Best practices on operational sustainability

  •     What are the key lessons gained from SNCF’s experience in operating HSR?
  •     How does SNCF establish itself in Europe’s competitive landscape?
  •     What can new HSR operators in Asia learn from SNCF in ensuring financial sustainability? 

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2018

See you in 2019!
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