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Power & Energy (Theatre 4), Tuesday 21 March 2017

Opening Keynote Session: Rail Leadership & New Digital Paradigms


Organiser's Welcome Remarks

Mr Lincoln Leong

Keynote Interviews

Join us for a series of exclusive interviews, where leaders of major rail operators share their plans to manage increasing passenger capacity and operational demands. Hear their thoughts on what the major game changers in the next few years will be and what they are doing to keep up with the competition.

Interviewer: Colin Stewart, Global Rail Leader, Arup

08:55 – 09:10: Interview with Lincoln Leong, CEO, MTR Corporation

09:10 – 09:25: Interview with Desmond Kuek, President & Group CEO, SMRT Corporation

09:25 – 09:40: Interview with Azmi Abdul Aziz, President & Group CEO, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Mr Colin Stewart

Rail Leaders’ Panel

Following their interviews, our rail leaders will be joined by other special guests to explore the big issues affecting rail operators throughout Asia and beyond. Issues for discussion include:

•    How can we balance the pressure to increase passenger capacity with cost constraints?
•    How can we overcome funding challenges for new projects and project upgrades? What potential is there in increased use of PPPs and the capital markets?
•    With assets working harder and longer, what are the big picture asset management issues that we need to be aware of?
•    What are the real disruptive forces in the rail industry?
•    What’s the number one priority issue in your operator boardroom right now?
Mr Colin Stewart

The Digital Railway of the Future

The rail industry isn’t traditionally known for being a first-adopter or quick to adapt to new trends and market conditions, but in the digital future, that needs to change. Join us for this exciting keynote session as we explore what the digital railway of the future will look like, from both operator & passenger perspective. We’lll consider the impact of emerging technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence, imagine the physical train of the future and its journey times, and also how the traditional station could change to become a connected lifestyle hub for both business and leisure.

Exhibition, Networking & Refreshments


Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Power & Energy

Mr Jang Kae Foo
Power & Energy (Theatre 4)

Enhancing the resilience of power supply system

•    Strategies to minimise power-related incidents and increasing overall reliability
•    Adjusting protection settings and maintenance practices to enhance reliability
•    How effective have these strategies been in enhancing power reliability?
Mr Tsair Ming Kuo
Power & Energy (Theatre 4)

Enhancing power system operations: A case study on Taipei Metro

•    Strengthening the ability to anticipate problems on power equipment
•    Measures adopted to improve power system
•    How to recover quickly after a power outage

Mr Brijesh Dixit
Power & Energy (Theatre 4)

Nagpur Metro's Green Initiatives

  • Adopting and integrating solar energy generation from project planning and design stage
  • Installation of “Bio Digester Technology”
  • Green Building norms for environmental protection in building design & construction
Mr Naoto Kimura
Power & Energy (Theatre 4)

Tokyo Metro Eco Project – Aspiring to be an energy efficient railway

•    Tokyo Metro Group Environmental Policy 
•    Introducing environmentally friendly trains and equipment 
•    Measures to improve energy efficiency of trains

    Mr Len Neist
    Power & Energy (Theatre 4)

    Traction Power Innovation and Change Management


    Exhibition, Networking & Refreshments

    Roundtable Discussion Session

    Now’s your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick a table and join the debate. Each roundtable discussion group will focus on an issue affecting rail operations in Asia Pacific. Spend time with your peers debating the challenge and perhaps you’ll find a solution together.
    Mr Jochen Apel

    .NOKIA COMMUNICATIONS WORKSHOP (Held in Signalling & Communications theatre)

    Network Transformation Railways

    In this joint workshop session with Nokia and our partner CommTel Network Solutions, you will learn about the railway industry challenges, Nokia end-to-end mission-critical railway solutions and how we will transform VicTrack’s mission-critical railway communications network in Australia. Thanks to this transformation, VicTrack communication systems will be able to support a variety of railway services to ensure better safety and reliable operations throughout Australia’s second most populous state.

    round tables


    Mr William Sabandar, President Director, PT. MRT Jakarta

    Modernization of freight wagon rolling stock for improved asset utilization and lower life cycle cost

    - Rolling stock modernization goals
    - Undercarriage equipment performance to meet challenges of operating conditions
    - Equipment maintenance

    Closing Keynote Plenary

    Mr Morris Cheung

    Building operational excellence competency: Supporting knowledge & skills sharing

    Rightly so customers are increasingly demanding for better service quality of railway operations not only in normal service but also during service interruption.  Building operational excellence competency and capability is inevitably a top priority task for management.  The presentation will elaborate how MTR develops its operational excellence capability through MTR Academy’s integrated training approach supporting knowledge and skills sharing, and how MTR Academy is going to achieve its mission of developing railway experts and executives with the aim of advancing service and operational excellence of the railway industry worldwide.
    Panel discussion

    Operations Reliability Panel

    Join us for this panel discussion to round out the first day of Asia Pacific Rail 2017, as rail leaders share their strategies and challenges in maintaining high operational reliability standards. Some key issues for debate include:  

    •    How can we maintain high reliability standards while managing the growing demand for rail services?
    •    How can we ensure service reliability amidst ongoing asset renewal and maintenance?
    •    How can IT innovations be harnessed to improve rail reliability and operational performance?
    •    How can technology be used to move the industry forward while not undermining the fundamentals of sound railway practice? 

    Networking Drinks Reception

    Join us for a drink at the end of day one and catch-up with old friends whilst also making lucrative new contacts.
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