Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

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Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3), Wednesday 21 March 2018


Organiser's Welcome Address

Dr. Jacob Kam Chak-pui

A Rail Transport Perspective of the Guangzhou-HK-Macau Greater Bay Area Development

  •     Development of a city cluster in the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  •     Boosting urban connectivity and economic cooperation between Hong Kong, Macau and 9 cities in Guangdong province  
  •     Tapping into opportunities: What is MTR’s expansion strategy into Mainland China?   
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Towards long-term sustainability of railway operations

  •     How can modern metros ensure financial sustainability and sufficient funds for asset upgrade and renewal?
  •     As labour costs increase, how can rail operators offset rising costs with revenue growth and increased productivity?
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely together in ensuring long-term financial and quality sustainability?
  •     Building ‘liveable’ communities: Building railways that connect with and complement the urban development of a city 
Edgar Sée

Metro 2030: Paris Metro’s modernisation and automation programme

  •     Advantages of the automated metro 
  •     Key characteristics of Paris Metro Line 4 and challenges in its automation 
  •     Industrial strategy and key success factors of Line 4 automation  

Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

Passenger Experience

Alok Jain
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Conference Chair

Tae-ho Kim
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Digital transformation of Seoul Metro to enhance passenger experience

  •     How can different modes of public transportation be seamlessly integrated to provide smoother commuter journeys? 
  •     Improving customer care, operations and business processes
  •     Adopting a customer-centric approach to service delivery  
Jason Wong
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Delight your passengers – Providing a seamless and contextual mobile experience

                In the presentation, Jason will provide insights on how location-based AI technology will enable public transport operators (PTOs) to orchestrate their customers’ door-to-door, multi-modal and on-demand mobility (also known as Mobility-as-a-Service or MaaS).  This powerful platform will enable:
  • Smart Travel Assistant. Create a seamless travel experience for each passenger by automatically sending personalized messages and alerts based on each passenger’s unique preferences and context.
  • Seamless Ticketing.  Understand where passengers get on and off various means of transport (be-in/be-out) with our smart location tracking analytics to make the users’ journey truly ticketless.
  • Ancillary Revenue.  Enable contextual moments marketing and cross-selling of third party services beyond mobility with our predictive analysis to develop new revenues for PTOs. 

Andrew John Mead
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

A rainbow connection - Differentiating Hong Kong’s MTR stations with a palette of colours

  •     Why is every Hong Kong MTR station a different colour? 
  •     Curating the station experience – Integrating functional artwork and meaningful colours
  •     Visioning stations of the future 

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Passenger Security & Safety

Naoto Kimura
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Tokyo metro’s disaster preparedness plan

  • How is Tokyo Metro enhancing readiness for natural disasters?  
  • Contingency measures to ensure the safety of passengers in times of crisis 
  • Building the resilience of rail infrastructure to withstand natural disasters 
KF Fung
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Regulating railways safety in Hong Kong

  •     How can rail operators mitigate the threat of terror attacks?
  •     What are the initiatives implemented to increase security?
  •     Establishing collaboration and close partnership with government security forces 
C.C Chang
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

An Introduction to Taipei MRT's Flood Prevention Engineering Improvement

  •     Flood prevention facilities and upgrading of flood protection criteria 
  •     How to protect existing assets and build resilient assets
  •     Sharing of Taipei Metro’s success story  


Syahruddin Sofyan
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Challenges in building Jakarta’s first LRT

Simon Shiao-Lien Chao
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

New Taipei City Danshui Light Rail – Project Updates

Chaisak Srisethanil
Passenger Experience & Safety, Light Rail (Theatre 3)

Building Thailand’s first monorail system

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2018

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