Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)



Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1), Wednesday 21 March 2018


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Dr. Jacob Kam Chak-pui

A Rail Transport Perspective of the Guangzhou-HK-Macau Greater Bay Area Development

  •     Development of a city cluster in the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  •     Boosting urban connectivity and economic cooperation between Hong Kong, Macau and 9 cities in Guangdong province  
  •     Tapping into opportunities: What is MTR’s expansion strategy into Mainland China?   
Richard Anderson

Keynote Panel: Towards long-term sustainability of railway operations

  •     How can modern metros ensure financial sustainability and sufficient funds for asset upgrade and renewal?
  •     As labour costs increase, how can rail operators offset rising costs with revenue growth and increased productivity?
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely together in ensuring long-term financial and quality sustainability?
  •     Building ‘liveable’ communities: Building railways that connect with and complement the urban development of a city 

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Operational Efficiency

Stewart Mills
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Enhancing the operational efficiency of Sydney’s rail systems

  •     Adopting Advanced Train Control systems and technologies on the Sydney Trains network 
  •     Delivering cost-effective operations and safety improvements
  •     Technology initiatives to reduce lifecycle costs and improve reliability  
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Latest innovations in enhancing operational efficiency

Reserved for Alstom 
James Shi
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Driving innovation in O&M management: A case study on Taiwan HSR

  •     Introduction of innovative initiatives in operation, maintenance, contingency and depot management 
  •     How has the introduction of smart railway systems improve operational efficiency for Taiwan HSR?
  •     Benefits gained in adopting smart practices  

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Rail Maintenance: Latest Technologies & Best Practices

Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Asset Maintenance: In-house or outsourced?

  •     What are the key factors to be considered when contracting out?
  •     Evaluating financial sustainability and tangible benefits in outsourcing asset maintenance 
  •     How can contractors’ efficiency for cost cutting and performance improvements be tapped upon? 
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Rail Maintenance: A paradigm shift from preventive to predictive

  •     Moving from preventive to predictive approach – achieving cost-savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance  
  •     With infrastructure constantly ageing, what strategies can be adopted to achieve maintenance optimization? 
  •     How can sensor technology and big data analytics be utilised effectively to reduce maintenance costs? 
Malcolm D'cruz
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems for Railways using Big Data

One of the main issues with predictive maintenance packages is the disparate types of data sources and hence the need of data aggregation of existing data sources inside an “eMaintenance Cloud”. Instead of looking at predictive maintenance as a collection of data with software analytics, this presentation will demonstrate the advantages of analysing the company culture, identifying goals and building requirements for a complete computerised maintenance management system to automate the maintenance workflow.

Best Practices in Operations

Pierre Messulam
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Big data methodology for operation and infrastructure design

  • Using big data analysis to test timetables compatibility with infrastructure design
  • How can big data help in improving the robustness of operations planning?
  • Overcoming challenges in working with big data – in terms of data processing and analysis 
Kholel Manaf
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Re-engineering of Traction System for Rolling Stock: The KTMB Experience

  •     How can productivity be increased, particularly in human resources? 
  •     What are the benefits gained in adopting smart practices?
  •     What are the cost savings gained in centralizing control?  
Kholel Manaf, General Manager, Fleet Maintenance and Engineering, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Optimising reliability and return of investment through efficient operations

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2018

See you in 2019!
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