Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

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Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1), Wednesday 21 March 2018


Organiser's Welcome Address

Dr. Jacob Kam Chak-pui

A Rail Transport Perspective of the Guangzhou-HK-Macau Greater Bay Area Development

  •     Development of a city cluster in the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
  •     Boosting urban connectivity and economic cooperation between Hong Kong, Macau and 9 cities in Guangdong province  
  •     Tapping into opportunities: What is MTR’s expansion strategy into Mainland China?   
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Towards long-term sustainability of railway operations

  •     How can modern metros ensure financial sustainability and sufficient funds for asset upgrade and renewal?
  •     As labour costs increase, how can rail operators offset rising costs with revenue growth and increased productivity?
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely together in ensuring long-term financial and quality sustainability?
  •     Building ‘liveable’ communities: Building railways that connect with and complement the urban development of a city 
Edgar Sée

Metro 2030: Paris Metro’s modernisation and automation programme

  •     Advantages of the automated metro 
  •     Key characteristics of Paris Metro Line 4 and challenges in its automation 
  •     Industrial strategy and key success factors of Line 4 automation  

Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

Operational Efficiency

Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Conference Chair

Stewart Mills
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Enhancing the operational efficiency of Sydney’s rail systems

  •     Adopting Advanced Train Control systems and technologies on the Sydney Trains network 
  •     Delivering cost-effective operations and safety improvements
  •     Technology initiatives to reduce lifecycle costs and improve reliability  
Alexis Chavelas
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Alstom’s latest digital innovation in enhancing operational efficiency

Data usage as a lever for capacity increase
·        reducing dwell times
·        optimizing train capacity usage
·        enabling passenger decisions
Calvin Yen
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Driving innovation in O&M management: A case study on Taiwan HSR

  •     Introduction of innovative initiatives in operation, maintenance, contingency and depot management 
  •     How has the introduction of smart railway systems improve operational efficiency for Taiwan HSR?
  •     Benefits gained in adopting smart practices  

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Latest Technologies & Best Practices in O&M

Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Rolling Stock Maintenance: Quantifying the values of outsourcing

  •     What are the key factors to be considered when contracting out?
  •     Evaluating financial sustainability and tangible benefits in outsourcing asset maintenance 
  •     How can contractors’ efficiency for cost cutting and performance improvements be tapped upon? 
Tony Ward
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Connecting your critical assets with wireless, self-powered sensors; Moving safely and quickly to condition-based maintenance

Bor Kiat Ng
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Digitalisation of the railways – SMRT’s development on future systems

  •     Moving from preventive to predictive approach – achieving cost-savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance  
  •     With infrastructure constantly ageing, what strategies can be adopted to achieve maintenance optimization? 
  •     How can sensor technology and big data analytics be utilised effectively to reduce maintenance costs? 
Pierre Messulam
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Big data methodology for operation and infrastructure design

  • Using big data analysis to test timetables compatibility with infrastructure design
  • How can big data help in improving the robustness of operations planning?
  • Overcoming challenges in working with big data – in terms of data processing and analysis 
Kitipat Supakleelakul
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Ensuring sustainable railway operations through energy saving practices

Kholel Manaf
Operations & Maintenance (Theatre 1)

Re-engineering of Traction System for Rolling Stock: The KTMB Experience

  •     How can productivity be increased, particularly in human resources? 
  •     What are the benefits gained in adopting smart practices?
  •     What are the cost savings gained in centralizing control?  

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2018

See you in 2019!
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