O&M and Asset Management

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O&M and Asset Management, Tuesday 19 March 2019

Opening Keynote Plenary: Next Gen Rail

Dr Jacob Kam

Rail Leader Keynote Interviews

Back by popular demand, we kick off Asia Pacific Rail 2019 with a series of interviews with C-Level rail operator leaders. Don’t miss these exclusive insights from some of the region’s most forward-thinking executives.
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Next generation rail & the changing transport ecosystem

Following the keynote interviews, our leaders will come together for this exclusive panel discussion to explore the role of rail in the broader transport ecosystem, and how operators need to adapt to ensure they thrive amidst the disruption. Issues to be addressed include:
  • How does rail fit into the wider urban ecosystem?
  • How can rail operators establish partnerships with the right players, and who will drive this?
  • Where does Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) fit in the broader context of a digital rail strategy?
  • What technology investments do rail operators need to be making?
  • How can we enable last mile connectivity at all levels, and what role does or should the rail operator play in this?
  • What is the benefit to rail operators in offering end-to-end transport planning and electronic payment? Who is doing it right?

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Asset management strategy innovation

Michael James Harrison
O&M and Asset Management

Rail operations strategy and insights: the Downtown Line MRT

Jack Wieland
Ever A Diaz
O&M and Asset Management

A lifecycle approach to asset information management


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Keynote Plenary: The Power of Big Data

Dr Tony Lee

Big Data: how MTR is unlocking the power of data for true digitalisation

Norman Frisch

Digital transformation of railways

- Service innovation, Predicting passenger flows, introducing Mobility as a Service or forecasting asset demands are important enablers for a safe and cost-effective rail operation - The Road to Digital Transformation is an ongoing progress allowing operators to gain Business Intelligence through cloud activated applications from third parties or cross departmental expertise- Last mile connectivity through wireless converged networks providing access to mobile and fixed infrastructure, sensors and business applications offer new revenue streams for modern rail and metro operators
Rishi Dutta

Going beyond the buzzword: making use of Big Data


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Asset renewal & rolling stock

Panel discussion
O&M and Asset Management

Balancing investment, risk & cost in your asset management

Grant Burton, Deputy Executive Director, Asset Management, Sydney Trains
Azmi Abdul Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, YTL Rail
Mr Hung Kang Sung
O&M and Asset Management

Making rolling stock more efficient: a new generation of rolling stock

Len Neist
O&M and Asset Management

Designing your long term rolling stock strategies

Mr Hung Kang Sung
O&M and Asset Management

Q&A - Rolling stock asset management

Mohamed Hosni, Head Of Central Department Of Rolling Stock, National Authority For Tunnels

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O&M and Asset Management, Wednesday 20 March 2019

Keynote Plenary: Looking Forward

Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Game-changing technologies for Asia Pacific’s rail operators: making sense of it all

  • What are the technologies to watch? Is it all about IoT, AI & blockchain or do we need to be thinking more broadly?
  • How is technology changing our relationship with our customers? Where do they live and what value-added services do we need to be able to provide to stay relevant to them?
  • From an operational perspective, how is artificial intelligence creating new efficiencies?
  • Retrofit vs replacement – what practical steps can you take to get started with technology implementation?
Qiang Zhang

A pair of intelligent eyes -Train Intelligent Detection System (TIDS)

Qiang Zhang, Chief Scientist, Traffic Control Technology Co. Ltd.
Session led by: traffic-control-technology-co.-ltd.

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Operational efficiency

Mr Chau-Fat Chan
O&M and Asset Management

Adopting Building Information Modelling to enhance operations

Tony Ward
O&M and Asset Management

Q&A - Improving operational efficiency


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Best practice in workforce management

Peter Munro
O&M and Asset Management

Transforming O&M productivity, efficiency and safety with a mature workforce: a case study

Ms Samantha Abeydeera
O&M and Asset Management

Engaging and codesigning the future of rail with the front line

Mr Pierre Messulam
O&M and Asset Management

Development of new technology-based capabilities to improve and sustain high levels of rail reliability

New O&M technologies

Dr Lawrence Lee
O&M and Asset Management

Improving operational efficiency with intelligent models: Artificial Neutral Network and Genetic Algorithm

Israel Radiaganding
O&M and Asset Management

Planning strategy to improve systems performance and achieve customer wants and needs: a case study from LRTA

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2019

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