Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

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Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1), Tuesday 20 March 2018

Opening Keynote Plenary: Rail Leadership


Organiser’s Welcome Remarks

Lincoln Leong

Keynote Interview: Lincoln Leong, Chief Executive Officer, MTR Corporation

Future of railway in Hong Kong and beyond: MTR’s expansion strategy 
Jeroen Weimar

Keynote Interview: Jeroen Weimar, Chief Executive Officer, Public Transport Victoria

Transforming the public transport network in Melbourne
HE Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes

Keynote Interview: Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Agency, Roads and Transport Authority

Dubai's rail transport journey and beyond
Panel discussion

Rail Leaders' Panel

    wing the interviews, our rail leaders will gather on a panel to explore the big issues affecting rail operators all around the world. Issues for discussion include:     
  •     How can rail authorities and operators work more closely with each other to enhance service reliability and passenger satisfaction?    
  •     What is a sustainable and profitable model to manage rail development and daily operations?    
  •     With the expansion of rail networks in the next decade, what can be done to build up our rail engineering capabilities and workforce?    
  •     How can we deliver more capacity through the effective use of staff, assets and systems?    
  •     The urban mobility landscape is evolving with on-mobility demand services and new technologies, how can rail operators respond to this changing landscape? 
Norman Frisch

Embrace innovation while maintaining long term operational stability

  • Ever increasing demands on Rail services call for continuous innovation and elasticity of the underlying ICT infrastructure. At the same time rail operational communication expects stability and reliability of telecommunication networks which are subject to quick innovation cycles. 


  • With the right strategy on standardization, migration concepts and an holistic approach on rail requirements rapidly innovating ICT technology can serve rail operator’s ICT demands throughout the lifetime of their infrastructure. 

Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments

Southeast Asia

Perran Coak
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Conference Chair

Yuslizar Daud
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Malaysia’s Land Public Transport Transformation Towards Vision 2020

  •     Developing rail as the backbone of public transportation in Greater Kuala Lumpur
  •     Project updates on key rail projects – KVMRT, East Coast Rail Line, RTS, HSR
  •     Key tendering timelines and opportunities for collaboration 
Chong Kheng Chua
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Singapore's urban mobility revolution

  •     What is the vision for Singapore’s rail network?
  •     Innovations and benchmarking best practices implemented on upcoming MRT projects
  •     Charting new territory with AVs providing first and last mile connectivity  
Craig Winfrey
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Achieving World Class Fleet Performance by Improving Life Cycle Cost; Value of Services and its’ Expansion in Southeast Asia

  •     Highest levels of availability and reliability through a management maintenance program
  •     Optimal operational efficiency and lower costs with improved material and repair management
  •     Improved environmental performance with data analytics and data prognostics 
Somprasong Suttayamully
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Overcoming capacity challenge in Bangkok: An update on the Mass Transit Master Plan

  •     As Bangkok’s metro network is set for expansion, what are the new projects planned for development under the Mass Transit Master Plan?
  •     Exploring opportunities for collaboration in the delivery of new lines
  •     What’s the progress of lines under construction - - Blue Line, Sukhumvit Line, Dark & Light Red Lines 

Networking Lunch & Exhbition Visit


Wilson Shao
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Lessons learnt from investing and operating in Mainland China

  • Opportunities arising from the metro boom in China
  • What are the challenges of investing and operating in China?
  • Achieving high operational reliability and customer satisfaction
Zhu Bin
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

基于南京地铁运营实践看国内轨道交通发展趋势 The development trend of domestic rail transit based on the practice of Nanjing Metro operation

·         Managing 7 metro lines with a daily ridership of 3 million
·         What are the new projects planned for construction from 2018 to 2023?
·         Best practices adopted on Nanjing Metro


Alok Tandon
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Launching Noida Metro: India’s fastest metro project

  •     Enhancing connectivity between the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida 
  •     ‘Green’ metro – Powering stations, depot and offices with solar energy 
  •     Preparation progress for opening in April 2018
Sujatha Jayaraj
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Shaping the public transport landscape in Chennai: Expansion plans for Chennai Metro

  • With rapid urbanization and increasing traffic congestion in the city, how can the metro project change the urban mobility landscape in Chennai?
  • Key timelines for Chennai Metro Phase 2  
  • First metro project in India to integrate other transport modes 
Amit Gupta
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Improving urban mobility in Gujarat: Construction progress of Ahmedabad Metro (MEGA)

  •     Constructing a mass-transit rail system for the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar 
  •     Construction progress – towards a completion target of 2020 
  •     Financing the project by JICA 
Vinay Kumar Singh
Metro Project Updates (Theatre 1)

Implementation of Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) project across Delhi National Capital Region

  •     Sharing of project overview.
  •     Latest technological advancements implemented in the RRTS project to achieve higher efficiency and passenger safety.
  •     Creating multi modal transit hubs with other modes of transport like mainline Railways, Inter State Bus Terminus, Airport and Metro system to provide a seamless commuter experience. 

Exhibition VIsit & Networking Refreshments

Closing Keynote Plenary

Richard Anderson

Driving financially sustainable growth in metro networks - Lessons from ‘The Operators’ Story’ – a Collaboration between the World Bank, the Community of Metros and Imperial College London

  •     What drives financial success and minimizes the need for long-term government funding?
  •     What are the factors that affect metro costs within and outside operator control?
  •     What has been the impact of network development on metro finances? 
  •     How can optimising capacity deliver the most cost-effective outcomes for a metro?
  •     How can today’s successful Asian metros and their governments avoid the mistakes of older metros?  
Rolf Härdi

The future is digital, transformation is now

  •     The digital future has already started. Where are we now? Where are we heading tomorrow?
  •     Deutsche Bahn’s approach to digital transformation and overcoming challenges 
  •     Digital innovations to deliver our vision of  a seamless passenger experience 
  •     How can transport companies collaborate with each other to be more successful in the digital age? 
  •     How can traditional technologies benefit from digital technologies and vice versa?
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