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Finance & Funding (Theatre 3), Wednesday 22 March 2017

Plenary Keynote Session: Megacities & Seamless Multi-Modal Transport


Organiser’s Welcome Remarks


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dr Jacob Kam Chak-pui

The future of rail: An MTR perspective

•    Urbanisation and the changing rail industry 
•    Investing in the future: What is MTR’s future railway development blueprint?
•    Going global: MTR’s expansion strategy into Mainland China and other overseas markets
•    Driving innovation in service operations 
Yi Min

One Belt, One Road - Building an integrated rail network across Europe and Asia

China’s OBOR strategy offers extraordinary opportunities for all 60 countries that it will pass through, and of course for rail and freight businesses. The creation of the six planned economic corridors will open up more economic and efficient trade routes and the creation of new free trade zones, such as the Fujian FTZ, offering their own incentives to drive business. Join us as we explore the status of this ambitious project and identify the upcoming opportunities for the rail industry
Chao Liu

Rail transit signalling system history & development trend in China


Exhibition, Networking & Refreshments

Finance & Funding

Ms Martha B Lawrence
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Financing Asia’s Rail Projects: A World Bank Perspective

•    Key elements for a railway project to be eligible to receive funding
•    What projects are most obvious candidates for funding and where are they located?
•    Partnering with Indian Railways to set up Railways Development fund
Mr David Tang
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Rail & Real Estate: Hong Kong MTR’s successful value capture financing formula

•    Thinking about financing in a new way
•    Underwriting construction projects with other revenue streams
•    Becoming a part of the community through multiple avenues
•    What lessons can other cities draw from this model?  
Mr I.P. Gautam
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Securing JICA loan: A case study on financing Ahmedabad Metro

•    Overview of the Ahmedabad metro rail project
•    Securing funding from JICA
•    How do rail projects benefit from knowledge and technology transfer from international aid agencies?
Mr Joseph Wong
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Asset Purchase, Renewal and Replacement Financing

  • Exploring the importance of looking into risk and financial modeling in asset management system

  • Integration of asset life/financial models with opportunity cost to facilitate appropriate decision making

  • Advantages and potential business opportunities of incorporating financial modeling into asset management systems


Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Mr Oliver Redrup
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

An assessment of the PPP model

•    Key drivers for the use of PPPs in rail development
•    Will we see increasing popularity of the PPP model across Asia?
•    How much investor and operator appetite is there for PPP model in developing countries?
•    What are the different contract structures for PPPs in the region?
•    Case Studies 
Mr Kading Liu
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Understanding the rail PPP landscape in China : A case study on Shenzhen Metro Line 6

•    Key criteria in assessing the feasibility of the project 
•    What should other rail operators consider when establishing a rail PPP project?
•    Why wasn’t the PPP model adopted eventually?

*This session will be conducted in Mandarin. Simultaneous interpretation headsets are available for non-Mandarin speaking conference attendees.

Dr Kerati Kijmanawat
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

PPP for urban mass transit in Thailand: Case study of Pink and Yellow Line Project

  • What steps were taken to create an attractive environment for both foreign and domestic investors?
  • What are the latest PPP rail projects in the pipeline?
  • Mitigating risks and challenges in rail PPPs
  • Successful case studies
Mr Luca Tonello
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Risk mitigation in rail infrastructure projects

Risk mitigation in rail infrastructure projects  
Rail infrastructure projects often end up taking longer and costing more than expected. With the growing number of rail infrastructure projects in Asia and the cost of capital, managing risk is essential to the success of the project. 

•    What are the factors causing capital project risk?
•    How can corporate and project goals be better aligned to reduce risk? 
•    The importance of layering in accountability at the strategy phase 
•    How to efficiently structure a rail infrastructure project to minimise risk
Ms Isabel Chatterton
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

Attracting private investment in rail infrastructure development

Asia must invest USD $730bn per year in new infrastructure projects by 2020 to keep up with demand, according to ADB, representing a huge opportunity for private investors.
•    What can rail authorities do to establish more partnerships with the private sector? What are the barriers?
•    How can rail authorities make their projects more attractive to private investors?
•    How can projects be better structured to attract investors? 
•    How can rail authorities ensure a level playing field for the private sector?
•    Which markets are the capital markets willing to play in, and how do they price in risk?
Panel discussion
Finance & Funding (Theatre 3)

The future of rail infrastructure financing across Asia

•    Can we expect to see increased private sector participation in Asian rail infrastructure projects? 
•    How can Asian countries mitigate risk to open up rail projects to the capital markets?
•    Overcoming political risk for investors 
•    The future of PPPs: The new norm or a stop-gap?
•    As governments try to bring their finances under control, what alternative financing strategies will they pursue?

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2017

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