Track Maintenance
LINSINGER reprofiles the complete rail head of new and used rails in single pass processing by using the sophisticated LINSINGER Milling and Grinding Technology. 
LINSINGER has more than 6 decades experience in milling technology. Since 20 years this expertise is successfully in use for track maintenance. Now there are more than 30 Rail Milling and Grinding Vehicles worldwide in operation and production. 
The austrian based manufacturer and world-wide supplier of Rail Milling and Grinding Technology has Stationary Rail Head Milling Machines and Mobile Rail Processing Vehicles in its program.
Product Range
  • Rail Milling and Grinding Machines for highspeed railways, railways, city railways, tramways, subways as well as for switches, crossings and turnouts.
  • Rail-Road Trucks for flexible operation
  • Stationary Rail Head Milling Machines for rail welding and repair centres
Linsinger Maschinenbau GmbH