LA-CO Industries


LA-CO Industries, Inc. is a family owned global manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial hand-held markers and temperature indicators. Since 1934, we have taken pride in the design and manufacturing of high quality, performance-based products for our customers’ unique applications.
Like any other tool, markers and temperature indication products are specialized to help professionals do the jobs they need to do. As the industry’s leader in these categories, we continuously invest in research and development to meet the requirements of a constantly changing and advancing marketplace. Through careful product evaluation and analysis, our chemists create proprietary formulas, which are designed to meet the needs of our customers.
Our Brands
Markal® is the global leader in high-performance, hand-held industrial marking products. From our North American and European manufacturing locations, we support the hardworking contractors that build the world’s great bridges, ships, automobiles, homes, office towers, power plants, railways and many other engineering marvels with Markal products.
Tempil® is an industrial leader in advanced and accurate temperature indication technologies. From protecting NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiter to measuring critical temperatures of life saving drugs and devices, engineers and professionals rely on the accuracy of Tempil for the most vital applications.