Etelm P.A.


ETELM has been designing and manufacturing radio infrastructure for private, mission critical communications networks (PMR, TETRA and 4G LTE) for more than 35 years. With extensive experience in providing mission critical infrastructure for the railway sector, Etelm supplied secure trackside communications for TGV’s train world speed record in 2007 and has supplied rail and transport infrastructure globally.
The ETELM 4GLinked infrastructure is a fully hybrid communications solution based on the LTE Core network, providing both secure narrowband radio services and 4G high speed broadband on a single distributed core network. 4GLinked is based on next generation open standards for LTE technology and fully integrates traditional PMR services to the same LTE Core network avoiding the necessity for gateways or black-boxes.
Following the launch of its own series of 4G LTE Basestation & PicoCell products, ETELM is looking to develop new relationships with Systems Integrators and Distributors for mission critical infrastructure.