Durr Technik G.M.B.H. & C.O. K.G.


From auxiliary air to main air – oil-free compressors for rail traffic vehicles
Dürr Technik is a specialist in oil-free and maintenance-free piston compressors with a high life cycle. Particularly in rail traffic, it is important that the products meet the highest standards of reliability and durability . For this reason, manufacturers and operators of rail traffic vehicles as well as system suppliers have been relying on our high quality, compact custom solutions for many years.
Every train has its characteristics with individual demands. Therefore we develop together with our customers the optimal solution and manufacture customized systems.
Dürr Technik have extended their delivery programme by the products of the French company ATS Environement through the acquisition of their assets. ATS developed, among other things, the first oil-free main air compressors for high-speed trains and have 15 years' experience in the sector of main air. This experience, combined with 25 years experience in the auxiliary air sector, makes Dürr Technik a competent contact partner for auxiliary air compressors and main air compressors.