Vicky Bartolacci | APAC Managing Director
Kineo | Australia

Vicky Bartolacci, APAC Managing Director, Kineo

Vicky Bartolacci has a long history working in the L&D environment, particularly online training content, and is currently the APAC Managing Director for Kineo, a global leader in Learning & Technology. She extends her passion for learning to supporting clients of Kineo with their digital learning strategies and the growth of their businesses. Heading up a team of over 140 people including learning technology specialists, instructional designers and illustrators, Kineo partner with some of the largest brands in Australia to deliver the right strategy and execution for both their learners and business. Vicky also regularly comments on how the workforce is changing, demanding new ways of learning and how employers are reassessing the way they conduct professional and compliance training. Vicky’s view of the changing environment is that we should all be less worried about the technology than about trying to get to grips with what good learning looks like and the importance of being fit for purpose.


Day 1 @ 12:00

Panel Discussion: Demystifying L&D technology and integrating products and tools to give you the best results

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