Susan Leslie | Director
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Susan Leslie, Director, LearningWise Consulting

Susan is the Founder and Director of LearningWise Consulting, and has over 25 years’ in learning and development, within government, higher education, and private enterprise. Sue has extensive experience in strategic workplace communication, learner support programs, and designing learning and assessment strategies that support organisational outcomes. The overarching issue Sue found, not addressed in many organisations, was the need to perceive learning within a holistic framework.
Recently, Sue began looking at the impact of automation, globalisation, and the local situation on an organisation’s ability to survive disruption. The development of a holistic learning ecosystem strategy seemed to be the natural outcome. The strategy encompasses embedding learning and feedback activities, collaboration opportunities; support programs; learning resources and infrastructure within the organisation’s culture and business systems.


Day 1 @ 16:10

Are you ready for Disruption?

Many people seem to consider disruption from an IT perspective; that is, moving their data from a server to the cloud, or ramping up their cybersecurity system for their business. Knowing about the disruptions is one thing, but being able to do something about them is quite another.

Learning Wise Consulting has developed an analytical tool – a Disruptive Risk Indicator - that identifies the aspects of a business most at risk. The benefit to L&D specialists is the tool’s ability to help identify the skills needed during and after the transformation, as well as the learning strategies that will enable the organisation to manage the change. The benefits to business is that they now have a tool which they can apply any time they need to identify an aspect of their business, especially as a pre- and post-test to see just how they’re tracking as they manage their future proofing strategy. Results from the tool have mostly come from workshop participants who applied the tool to their own business. These results have been captured and analysed to be summarised and explored during the presentation.

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