Sharon Ferrier | Director
Persuasive Presentations | Australia

Sharon Ferrier, Director, Persuasive Presentations

Sharon has a knack for making the complex simple. She believes that ‘passionate people persuade’ and that to make your message stick, you need to balance information with delivery style. Sharon excels at helping people shine. With a background in science, sales and marketing, Sharon delivers keynotes and workshops on presentation skills, persuasion and influence, networking and corporate storytelling. Sharon coaches senior people ranging from CEO’s and entrepreneurs, to Professors and PhD’s helping them to be engaging and persuasive presenters and enabling them to win pitches, tenders, fellowships and grants.


Day 2 @ 10:45

Facts tell, stories sell

  • How storytelling techniques can breathe life into dull facts and figures and change the way an audience feels about a topic.
  • Learn how to work on our personal power and win people’s hearts as well as minds.
  • Learn how stories can increase your credibility, likability and help make your message memorable.

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