Sandra Lammas | Manager ICT Training
University of Southern Queensland | Australia

Sandra Lammas, Manager ICT Training, University of Southern Queensland

Sandra is the Manager of the ICT Training Team at the University of Southern Queensland. Her team provides in person and online training to staff and students in IT systems utilised through the University. Sandra and her team are always excited about trying something new and she believes innovation (and a hint of fun) can be the key to engagement.
Her biggest success to date has been implementing multimedia micro-training to staff which has been so successful, it’s now in its third year of production.
She believes that it's not only important to get the messages across but to also get them coming back for more.


Day 2 @ 12:00

Training 120 seconds at a time

  • Just how do you get staff to find out about important stuff they need to know when they keep deleting your emails or are too busy to attend training?
  • In 2015 USQ decided to stop sending boring text emails to staff and swap them for entertaining video messages that relay important information/training in under 120 seconds.
  • The initiative has been a huge success - hear how they did it and how you can do it too.

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