Renetta Alexander | Manager Enterprise Learning
Bank of New Zealand | New Zealand

Renetta Alexander, Manager Enterprise Learning, Bank of New Zealand

Renetta is a Learning and Development Strategist and energetic leader who partners with organisations to build high impact L&D teams.  Having lived and worked both in New Zealand and overseas, and with over 16 years’ experience in learning and development, she knows what it takes to affect change, both in people and in organisations. Operating with boldness, simplicity and speed Renetta has the unique ability to translate strategy in to practical action.
Renetta’s deep technical expertise with broad business savvy has seen her transform traditional LD teams. Aligning with modern learning practice implementing digital solutions that drive impactful, engaging and easier learning experiences for employees. Renetta is passionate about supporting businesses and LD teams shift long held paradigms about learning.


Day 2 @ 15:20

Using agile methods in L&D function in the face of downsizing and demands to do more with less

Learn how to build team capability to operate in an agile way within a framework that works for your team and .organisation. This presentation will explore how to combine L&D disciplines with agile principles, such as using agile estimating and planning with multiple projects

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