Julie Dirksen | Author of 'Design for How People Learn'; Learning Strategy Consultant
Usable Learning | United States

Julie Dirksen, Author of 'Design for How People Learn'; Learning Strategy Consultant, Usable Learning

Julie Dirksen is a consultant and instructional designer with more than 20 years’ experience creating interactive e-Learning experiences for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to technology startups to grant-funded research initiatives. She loves brains, and games and evidence-based practice. Her MS degree is in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University and she’s been an adjunct faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and an Elearning Guild Guildmaster.  She wrote the book Design For How People Learn and she’s happiest whenever she gets to learn something new. You can find her at www.usablelearning.com.


Day 1 @ 09:10

Keynote: The science of attention and engagement

A number of myths persist about people’s allegedly ever-shortening attention spans—but what does the science say? Neuroscience, behavioral economics, and consumer psychology all offer insights into how we manage and allocate attention. Additionally, our ability to manage attention and focus seems to be related to our abilities to allocate willpower and influence how we make decisions.

In this session, you will learn what the current science says about attention and how that influences the design of learning environments. Having a deeper understanding of this topic will help you create more engaging and effective learning solutions.

Day 2 @ 13:40

BREAKOUTS - Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

An open forum where you have the chance to split into smaller groups and attend discussion roundtables to swap ideas and leverage the knowledge and experiences of your peers.

Behavioural change and motivation

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