Gina Brooks | Director
Training X Design | Australia

Gina Brooks, Director, Training X Design

Gina Brooks is one of Australia’s most sought-after learning & development consultants because she measures her success by her clients' achievement of core business outcomes. 
In the past 18 months, Gina has designed and delivered 147 training sessions to over 1220 people; she has delivered 54 mentoring sessions and spoken at 9 conferences. During this time, Gina’s company, Training x Design, has positively impacted over 40 companies. This includes guiding 28 CEOs to implement a Learning & Development strategy as one of their core business functions. In recognition of her expertise, Gina was shortlisted as one of just two finalists for the 2017 AITD Learning & Development Professional of the Year Award.


Day 2 @ 09:50

What business really wants from training!

Business doesn't want training - they want change. With over 24 years experience in  learning and development Gina Brooks has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different businesses. During this time she has discovered what business want/need from training has changed. Trainers spend lots of time designing and delivering great training solutions. Businesses only care about what happens after training. In this presentation Gina will share her knowledge of how programs have transformed organisations giving businesses what they really want.

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