Deb Travers-Wolf | Learning and Development Consultant
SAP Australia | Australia

Deb Travers-Wolf, Learning and Development Consultant, SAP Australia

Deb is a commercially astute, OD, Diversity and Change professional with a career spanning 20 years of local, regional and global experience in Human Resources and General Business Management. Deb is a passionate advocate for Customer Intimacy and Workforce Inclusion and believes for business to transform in the global, digital economy, and for individuals to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution, “Learning is a necessity, not a Luxury” and “Inclusion, a Right, not a Priviledge”. Most recently, as a member of SAP’s Global Leadership Facilitation team, Deb has supported leaders in becoming the most trusted leaders in the industry, and to multiply their impact, by harnessing the collective intelligence in their teams. Deb holds a a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Management in HRM from MGSM.


Day 2 @ 11:00

Realising Business Transformation and Impact Through Simulated Learning Experiences

“If this doesn’t work, we’re dead. Flat-out dead. It’s that simple”- Hasso Plattner, Founder & Chairman of SAP.

This is a case study of a company and an industry in a massive state of change. Urgent transformation of the business model was required to secure the future of an industry giant. What was required was a creative and compelling, literally transformative, learning experience to put this at the top of each leader’s priorities; not tomorrow, but today! Here’s how SAP did it, what they achieved and what they learned.

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