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Shannon Tipton

Chief Learning Officer, Learning Rebels USA



Our role in today's modern learning age is to reach the people in the modern workplace and supply them with the knowledge and information needed to get the job done – when they need it, and when the business needs them to have it. Too often learning solutions are solely focused on the classroom or long, overly complicated, eLearning modules when an immediate solution is required. Enter microlearning.

Using the Learning Rebels 3D model for microlearning, this workshop will give you the critical information, framework and tools you need to rapidly build effective and sustainable microlearning content.


Why attend?

The time is ripe to be in the position to remove barriers! Rapid business change, popularity of mobile devices, availability of apps and advances or shifts in technology are creating favorable environments for microlearning.

Important Questions Answered:

  1. What is microlearning?
  2. How can microlearning be applied in your organization?
  3. When would a microlearning element be deemed appropriate?
  4. How can microlearning support your macro content and curriculum?


Important Learning Takeaways:

  • The ability to apply a microlearning strategy within your organization. Specifically applying 3D model of microlearning: "Discover, Develop, and Deliver”.
  • Work within a content framework to target specific outcomes, allowing people to do their jobs better, faster and effectively.
  • Determine which micro-modality is the right fit for purpose.
  • You will rapidly prototype a basic project concept, setting the foundation to build your own microlearning element from inception to implementation.
  • You will leave with tools, checklists, and templates to be able to create microlearning content and objects related to video, audio, and other virtual media.


Who should attend?

This workshop is significantly beneficial to the following:

  • Learning Teams and Team Leaders of different functions within a company who are looking to improve their Microlearning knowledge to support current and future projects.
  • Instructional designers who must convert content to reflect Microlearning modalities.
  • Managers and leaders who must lead and manage the design and development of Microlearning within their organisations.

Workshop overview


8:30 |  Arrival

9:00 |  Commencement

9:00 – 10:30 |  Session 1:  Microlearning and the Modern Learner.

  • Define microlearning
  • Who is the modern learner and why is microlearning the key to organizational training
  • 6 Microlearning Markers

10:30 – 10:50 |  Tea & Coffee Break (20 mins)

10:50 – 12:30 |  Session 2:   Framework introduction and rapid prototyping

  • Microlearning Framework organization
  • Rapid Prototyping: Just get it done!
  • Tool Exploration

12:30 – 13:20 |  Lunch Break (50 mins)

13:20 – 14:40 |  Session 3:  Project Creation

  • Project planning
  • Content mapping
  • Content development

14:40 – 15:00 |  Tea & Coffee Break (20 mins)

15:00 – 16:00 |  Session 4:   Project Creation continued

  • Content Development

16:00 |  Conclusion

What to bring?

This program is at its most beneficial if you bring the following:

  • Laptop
  • Mobile Device (Smartphone or tablet)
  • A sense of adventure and creation

Presenter biography

As owner of Learning Rebels, Shannon knows what it takes for businesses to get real results from their training departments. Having spent 20 years developing successful learning strategies, Shannon has helped businesses, and their people, to realise their full potential.

Shannon is passionate about busting through traditional learning models and helping businesses work through critical pain points. Developing innovative ways to solve common training problems gets her ridiculously excited. She does this by integrating 21st century learning technologies and microlearning tools to drive workplace alignment and enhance collaboration. Shannon makes her home in the Chicagoland area and has been named one of eLearning’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers. Her blog, Learning Rebels is in the top 100 eLearning blogs and can be found at learningrebels.com.







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