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Business Financing, Tuesday 8 October 2019

Business Financing


Joel Leong
Robert Tay

Why do I need to join Singapore’s Nationwide E-Invoicing Network?

The payment landscape in Singapore has been changed with PayNow where payment can be made easily. It is now common for businesses to send payment over PayNow. Likewise, the invoice landscape is going to be changed with the nationwide e-invoicing network. Join us to learn how you can invoice each other digitally and easily on the network, and start reaping the benefits of digitalisation for yourself and your partners.
Robert Tay, Cluster Director, Modern Services, IMDA
Session led by: imda
Kevin Fitzgerald

Become a pacesetter in the accounting industry

  • What the current state of the accounting industry looks like (traditional paper-based v.s. enlightened in digital)
  • To identify your challenges and understand your support channels
  • Best practices, tools and platforms adopted by progressive firms around the world
Session led by: xero
Nikhilesh Goel
Business Financing

Fintech-driven SME financing

Inadequate bank financing, long credit cycles and working capital crunch are common barriers to business growth. Businesses, in particular SMEs, often get turned down for financing or are offered unsustainable interest rates and fees. With the advent of fintech and innovative lending solutions in the market, businesses now can look to optimise their working capital to fund cash flow gaps and to drive business growth easily and sustainably. The need for accountants to know about different types of alternative funding solutions that are available today. Business growth and funding are areas where accountants can grow their expertise to advise their clients. Case study: How businesses are raising finances in an efficient manner to drive scale and growth.
Nikhilesh Goel, Co-Founder, Validus Capital
Session led by: validus-capital
Shaun Hou
Business Financing

Hiring, training and retention of PMETs in a manpower lean economy

Manoj Vembu
Business Financing

Blockchain and trade finance

Marc Leong
Business Financing

Secrets to a successful business loan application

  • Sharing on key credit assessment parameters via company’s financial statements, liquidity, debt management and key persons.
  • Session will also spell out common pitfalls and practice gaps experienced by many businesses, effectively shutting them from access to affordable funding.
  • Highlight over-arching key digital themes that will ease operating costs, improve efficiency and gain direct access to financing in the future.
Ken Ooi
Business Financing

A user-centric approach to trade financing

Reserved for Goldbell Financial Services
Session led by: tenderboard-pte-ltd
Lielette Calleja

Embracing change with confidence

Aynsley Damery

How cloud, blockchain and AI can double your profits

Kai Chan
Business Financing

The financial web and its impact on small businesses

  • The future of the financial web
  • About current developments in finweb technology today that you can already use in your business
  • How an integrated financial web will help provide you with visibility of your business cash position, help you get paid faster, and access working capital to run and grow your business
Session led by: xero
Joey Lee
Business Financing

Beginner's Guide to starting a bootstrapped business: Poke Theory

Leslie Daniel Chan
Business Financing

Reserved for Leslie Chan

Johnny Goh
Business Financing

Raising finance for your SME

Dimitri Kouchnirenko
Business Financing

Cashflow optimisation in cross-border trading

Dimitri Kouchnirenko, Director, Incomlend
Session led by: incomlend
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Business Financing, Wednesday 9 October 2019

Business Financing


Sarjit Singh
Business Financing

Spotting red flags: warning signs of companies in trouble

Dissecting debt piles in real life casesYou will also gain first-hand knowledge and insight into the:
  • Lessons learned from fallen idols in Singapore
  • 36 red flags to look out for – warning signs in any organisation
  • Safeguards against fraud, bribery and corruption - the 3 Step Approach
Participants attending this workshop will be given a ‘Comprehensive Checklist of the 36 Red Flags’.
Jonathan Winter
Mark Billington
Julian Wong
Hendrik Yap
Business Financing

Optimising government grants to transform your SME

Brian Teng
Business Financing

Innovative finance for today's businesses

1. Landscape of SME Financing in Singapore2. Current Trend of Alternative Finance and How It Has Supported SMEs3. How Digitalisation Enhance Alternative Finance Capability and Accessibility
Brian Teng, CEO, InvoiceInterchange
Session led by: invoiceinterchange
Business Financing


Panel discussion

How can I benefit from a free e-invoicing solution?

The first step in doing business is to be found. Just as businesses without a web presence are not in people's consideration, a presence in the nationally recognised PEPPOL E-Invoicing network is a must to be found for transacting digitally. Learn more about how the E-Invoice network is enhancing business opportunities for local SME's and other businesses.
Moderator: Seong Wah Geok, Director, E-Invoice (Project Office), IMDA
Sally Loo, Finance Controller, Dairy Farm Group
Volkmar Ahrens, Managing Director, W.M.D.
Debarun Roychoudhury, Senior Vice President and Group Head, UOB BizSmart, United Overseas Bank Limited
Session led by: imda
Jody Padar

Putting innovation into your company culture's DNA

Today’s future-ready accountants are operating at the intersection of user experience, technology and business. But what does that mean exactly? In this interactive session, we’ll talk about why innovation and agility are related, transform your company’s culture, look at your business model and reevaluate operations. You’ll walk away with tips and strategies on how to roll with constant change and how you can take your company to the next level.
Vincent Widjaja
Aynsley Damery
Business Financing

WORKSHOP – How Cloud, Blockchain & AI can double your profits

This is a hands on practical workshop specifically for accountants in practice. Aynsley, (a qualified chartered accountant and former CEO of the multi-award winning advisory accounting firm Tayabali Tomlin) will take you through a proven business advisory framework, leveraging the power of technology to drive your clients growth and success. This framework has been consistently used to double clients’ profits’. Aynsley will take you through the first steps to introduce or scale advisory within your firm, the conversations to have and how you can price your advisory services. You will leave with a plan of action to implement with your accounting firm.
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