Thomas Vanhee | Partner

Thomas Vanhee, Partner, Aurifer

Founding partner of Aurifer Middle East Tax Consultancy DMCC

In Thomas’s tax career spanning more than a decade, he has worked at tier 1 tax law firms in Brussels and Paris. Thomas moved to the Gulf in the beginning of 2017. He provides high quality and innovative tax advice to clients.

He has been involved in several high profile deals and has worked for blue chip and quoted companies and institutions in various sectors (financial sector, real estate sector, retail, manufacturing and the public sector). 

In recent years he was heavily involved in European tax policy projects, as well as in projects with several European governments and governments in the Gulf region due to the pending introduction of VAT. 

Thomas joined his former university, the renowned Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, in teaching an introductory course on tax law to master students. He also teaches VAT in the first Tax LL.M in the Gulf at Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. He publishes regularly in international books and tax technical magazines and is a regular speaker at international events.

Thomas holds a law degree of the Catholic University of Leuven (cum laude) and a tax masters degree of Solvay Business School (magna cum laude). He is hands-on, proactive and combines an extensive technical skill set with a sound understanding of what makes businesses tick.


Accounting & Finance Show day 1 @ 15:00

Revamping your tax function for the future

  •     Understanding the emerging and evolving skills required from the future tax professional 
  •     Preparing for the future with tax technology 
  •     Creating an agile foundation to evolve
  •     Recognising the benefits of Virtual Tax Agents
  •     What do virtual agents mean for the future tax processional

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