Amit Agrawal | Chief Financial Officer
Avivo Group

Amit Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer, Avivo Group

    Mr. Amit Agrawal is the CFO of AVIVO Group – a UAE-based one of the leading healthcare service provider that owns and operates 47 healthcare facilities including hospitals, medical & diagnostic centres, pharmacies, and medical aesthetic products distribution businesses across Middle East – where, in addition to Finance and Accounts, he also manages the Human Resources, Legal, Insurance, Planning & Strategy, IT, Procurement and Administrative functions of the Group. Over the last 2 years, he has:
    Played a significant role in raising of funds within a year in a mix of equity, debt and a structured preferred convertible security.
    Completed an acquisition for the Company within 4 months.
    Structured a buyback of ~40% shareholding of old investors resulting an exit with more than 2x return.
    Instituted Corporate Governance by implementing Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk management, CG manual, Authority matrix, etc.
    Initiated corporate restructuring to maximize shareholders’ value by carving out high performing assets into a separate legal entity. 
    Led the preparation of the Company for Initial Public Offering (IPO) at London Stock Exchange.
    Amit comes with a strong experience of about 19 years in private equity, business restructuring, strategy, accounting & control, corporate finance, formation of companies, joint-ventures and strategic alliances, and has worked in various positions covering a broad range of sectors, including healthcare, private equity, coal mining, iron & steel, power distribution, water distribution, construction & infrastructure, fashion retail, pharmacy chain, logistics & warehousing, equipment rental, ports operation, power rental, education and FMCG distribution.
    Amit started his career in 1999 with Tata Steel Limited – a Fortune500 company and an Indian multinational - one of the top 10 largest steel-making company with operations in 25+ countries, having commercial presence in over 50 countries and employing over 80,000 employees across five continents – where he worked in various positions across finance, supply chain, strategic planning and Managing Directors office. Being a part of a special taskforce under MD’s office, Amit was the brain, driver and key executor in spin-off of a division (having 9 businesses and about 4,000 employees) of Tata Steel into a self-sustaining independent legal entity.


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