WTS Dhruva Consultants


W T S Dhruva Consultants is a part of Dhruva Advisors, India. Dhruva Advisors is a boutique tax advisory firm, which has in a very short span of time, established itself as India’s leading tax firm. Specifically, it is highly regarded for its work surrounding UAE and India’s introduction of the VAT / GST, where it has worked closely with several of largest companies in helping them plan and implement to the VAT / GST regime. 
With a highly regarded and experienced team of professionals, we provide well-thought out strategies and solutions to complex problems in tax and regulatory matters. Our professionals have advised on some of the most significant transactions and have handled several of the largest and most critical tax controversies and related matters globally

Our team comprises of 20+ Partners and over 270+ people. We are specialized in 10+ Industries and have over 3 Million+ Tax Man Hours of experience. We have presence in Across 2 Continents, 5 Countries and  9 Locations.