Transtek Systems has provided financial software solutions since 2000. We have clients in 10 countries, and they use Compass software cloud products for a variety of enterprise functions including:

Compass VAT: designed for all companies that need to file VAT regardless of the accounting/financial/ERP system they use. It offers VAT compliance, reporting, and e-filing system developed specifically for GCC regulations.
Compass Accounting: designed for small and medium companies to manage invoices, bills, banking, inventory, and VAT tax.
Compass Fixed Assets: designed for companies to tracking and managing physical assets, including financial depreciation, write-offs, transfers, custody, and inventory counting, integrating with barcode/RFID mobiles.
Compass HR: Payroll and human resource management applications powered by state-of-art portal including payroll, talents acquisition, timetable, performance appraisal, and team development.
Compass AML: designed for banking institutions to meet compliance requirements through detecting, preventing, and reporting money laundering activities.