Bioprocessing Speakers:

Ajoy Velayudhan

Alessandro Butte  , Senior Researcher,  ETH Group

Berthold Boedeker  , Chief Scientist, Global Drug Discovery – Global Biologics Biotech Development,  Bayer AG

Charles Haynes  , Chemical & Biological Engineering,  University of British Columbia

Christoph Herwig  , Professor of Biochemical Engineering,  Vienna University of Technology  ; Founder & Scientific Advisor,  Exputec

Cornelia Kasper  , Full University Professor,  BOKU

Cristiana Boi  , President,   European Membrane Society  , Assistant Professor,  DICAM

David Brindley  , Chief Scientific Officer,  Aegate  ; Managing Partner,  IP Asset Ventures  ; Senior Research Fellow,  University of Oxford

Dylan Jones  , Principal Scientist,  Genzyme

Hansjörg Hauser  , Dept. of Scientific Strategy,  Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research GmbH

Harald Bradl  , Director & Head of Cell Culture Development,  Boehringer Ingelheim

Helene Faustraup-Kildegaard  , Senior Researcher and Co PI,  Technical University of Denmark

Hitto Kaufmann  , Global Vice President of Biopharmaceutical Development and Platform Innovation,  Sanofi

Joachim Häfner  , Senior Transfer Engineer,  Boehringer Ingelheim

Jelena Ochs  , Head of Business Unit,  Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

Kumar Dhanasekharan  , Senior Director & Head, Biologics Process & Analytical Development,  Amicus Therapeutics

Manuel J T Carrondo  , Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, FCT-UNL, Vice-President,  IBET

Marijke Wynants  , MSAT Lead,  Sanofi

Massimo Morbidelli  , Professor of Chemical and Bio Engineering,  ETH Zurich

Neils Koenig  , Head of department "Production metrology",  Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

Nicolas Urbieta  , USP Process Scientist, BST / BioRealization,  Sanofi

Oliver Spadiut  , Integrated Bioprocess Development, Chemical Engineering,  TU Wien

Otto Wilhelm-Merten  , Head of Applied Vectorology and Innovation group,  Genethon

Paula Meleady  , Associate Director,  National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology

Representative from Sartorius

Sergey A. Piletsky  , Professor of Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, College of Science & Engineering,  University of Leicester

Tudor Arvinte  , CEO,  Therapeomic Inc. Basel  , Professor,  University of Geneva

Veronique Chotteau  , Principal Investigator, Cell Technology Group, School of Biotechnology,  KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

Representative from Sartorius



**Full agenda to be unveiled on 1st December !**

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