Dr Adrian McDermott | Chief, Immunology Core, Vaccine Research Center

Dr Adrian McDermott, Chief, Immunology Core, Vaccine Research Center, NIAID

Dr. Adrian B. McDermott has more than 20 years experience as an experimental virologist and immunologist, in the fields of vaccines and HIV, including, the elucidation and characterization of T and B cell responses associated with control of replication or protection from HIV or SIV infection. During his work in pre-clinical immunology, he headed a large consortium dedicated to the investigation of factors associated with protection elicited by live attenuated SIVs; led a team that evaluated new vector platforms for delivery of T and B cell immunogens; and developed the low dose-multiple exposure SIV challenge model for the improved assessment of vaccines in the face of virus challenge. This has subsequently been refined into the commonly used acquisition model, which allows us to evaluate HIV vaccines in terms of "protection from multiple exposures" in the NHP. He obtained his Ph.D. in immunogenetics and virology, studying hepatitis B vaccines at the Royal Free Hospital, University College London. He pursued post-doctoral work at the Aaron Diamond Research Center, Rockefeller University, New York; Gladstone Institute; University of California San Francisco; and the National Primate Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison before moving to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative as Director of Immunobiology and Vaccine Design. Dr. McDermott joined the VRC in 2011.


Day 3 Oct 12th Immune Profiling @ 09:10

Application of sequential vaccination for educated immune responses

  • Employing single cell transcriptomics and advanced X-50 ow cytometry technologies to detect immune response within HIV positive and negative patients 
  • Highlighting the wider potential for single cell transcriptomics and X-50 technology within the vaccination field 

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