Dr Joseph Jardine | Head Of Antibody Discovery
Institute For Protein Innovation

Dr Joseph Jardine, Head Of Antibody Discovery, Institute For Protein Innovation

Joseph Jardine trained at the University of Washington under William Schief and David Baker, focusing on rational protein design. In 2011, he moved with the Schief lab to The Scripps Research Institute where he developed germline-targeting immunogens and designed immunization strategies to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV. Building on that work, Dr. Jardine continued as an HHMI/Helen Hay Whitney postdoctoral fellow under Dennis Burton, where he worked to validate the designed immunogen in transgenic mice. The immunogen developed by Dr. Jardine, eOD-GT8, entered phase I trials in 2018. At the end of 2016, he moved to Boston and was the first scientist at the Institute for Protein Innovation (IPI), a new nonprofit research institute started by two Harvard investigators. Dr. Jardine has built a high-throughput antibody discovery pipeline and is working to develop a collection of well-validated monoclonal antibodies against all proteins in the human and mouse extracellular proteome. He is also continuing his work in HIV to develop enhanced broadly neutralizing antibodies for passive immunoprophylaxis and treatment strategies.

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