Dr Ho Cho | VP, Biotherapeutics Executive Research

Dr Ho Cho, VP, Biotherapeutics Executive Research, Celgene

Since joining Celgene in 2014 , he has served in a leadership role focused on integrating internal and external capabilities and programs to deliver transformative medicines based on recombinant DNA technologies.  Dr. Cho is also the site-head for Celgene San Diego Campus Point and serves on the executive team for the Immuno-oncology TCoE.  Dr. Cho is a Protein Medicinal Chemist with over 25 years of experience in recombinant protein design, expression, purification, modification, and analysis.   
Prior to joining industry, Dr. Cho worked on the structural genomics project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  He received his Ph. D. in Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley.


West Coast Day 1 @ 09:45

The evolution of antibody therapy for cancer

  • Progress in the development of antibody drug conjugates,bispecific antibodies, and fusion protein/antibodies
  • Novel approaches in antibody therapy- who is leading the next generation of antibody development?
  • What have been the most successful and least successful antibody therapies? Why?
  • How do we decide what level of toxicity is acceptable? Does this vary across indications?
last published: 22/Nov/18 11:45 GMT

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