Meissa Vaccines: Marty Moore, Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Meissa Vaccines is a  pharmaceutical start-up company focused on advancement of unmet vaccines against viruses that cause serious human diseases, such as respiratory syncytial

BioGraph 55, Inc: Paul  Tumeh, Co-founder and CEO

BioGraph 55, Inc. is a San Francisco based early-stage target discovery and drug development biotech company focused on immuno-oncology. The company leverages a proprietary and scientifically validated (through external partners) spatial-mapping technology platform called SPARTA (Spatial Processing And Regional Tissue Analysis) that collects biological information from cellular interactions in their native environment and integrates this information with genomic and transcriptomic data to identify new drug targets. The first program aims to develop an antibody therapy that i) targets refractory, “hot” solid tumors, ii) removes local immunosuppression from “hot” tumors and iii) uses a biomarker assay to identify patients likely to benefit from monotherapy.

Inflammatix:Tim Sweeney, CEO

Inflammatix is a molecular diagnostics company developing rapid tests that read the immune system to resolve major clinical and public health challenges. We are initially focused on developing tests for acute bacterial and viral infections, and sepsis based on patent-pending biomarkers exclusively licensed from Stanford University. Beyond this initial focus, our expert bioinformatics and assay development teams are poised to build a host response-based diagnostics pipeline that includes tests for tropical infections, autoimmune diseases, transplant rejection and other conditions.


InterVenn Biosciences: Widya Mulyasasmita Chief Business Officer

InterVenn is a biomarker discovery and diagnostic company, focusing on glycoproteomics. Our technology leverages mass spectrometry, AI/machine learning, as well as the biology of post-translational modification of proteins. 
Aberrant glycosylation of proteins has been implicated in key steps of disease biology, including the hallmarks of cancer as well as inflammation cascades associated with autoimmunity and aging. Unlike DNA and RNA, glycans are structurally complex and their synthesis is not template-based. Hence, glycoproteins have been analytically and computationally challenging to study at scale. We have built a platform that overcomes these challenges while turning years of computational burden into minutes.
Our database consists of over 1,000 site-specific glycoforms of proteins circulating in the blood, to our knowledge the largest glycoproteomic database existing today. Of note, we measure >100 glycoforms of immunoglobulin isotypes, which are well known in the literature to affect various immune signaling pathways underlying many disease processes.   
Our first product is an ovarian cancer diagnostic blood test, and we have a pipeline of pilot data demonstrating diagnostic, prognostic, disease phenotyping, and pharmacodynamic biomarkers in other indications, including other cancers, immunology, fibrosis, and aging.   

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