Pre- Congress Workshops

December 2 Pre-Congress Workshops



Uses and clinical application of immune profiling assays for cancer:

The use of novel assays and computational methods to analyse the immune system is a very fast-moving field and it is challenging to keep up with the pace of change. Join our Advances in Immune Profiling Assays workshop on 2nd December for an in depth look at the uses and clinical application of new methods to characterise and profile the human immune system for the accelerated development of new therapies.Topics:·Measuring base-line immune function ·Assessing predictive biomarkers for PD1 / PDL1 immunotherapies·How to assess the efficacy and longevity of cellular therapies·Characterising the tumor microenvironment·Discovery of genomic predictors and genomic alterations that promote or suppress immune response·Discovery and development of novel biomarkers
Meghna Das Thakur, Biomarker Lead, T Cell Bi-specifics, Genentech

Advances in adjuvant technology for vaccines:

Vaccine adjuvants have been used successfully for decades to enhance the ability to provoke an immune response of weak antigens and improve the overall potency of vaccines. Join this workshop to explore the latest advances in novel adjuvant technology for vaccines, the value of current adjuvants and how to improve them. Topics:·Adjuvant technology and its impact on vaccine development ·Can next generation adjuvants break tolerance to assist in immune oncology?·Deploying adjuvants for special populations ·Combination adjuvants – how should they be designed and what are the risks·Adjuvating live vaccines·Use of receptor agonists in improving existing adjuvants or designing new novel adjuvants for different animal species·Precision adjuvants; tailoring immune activation for next generation vaccines
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