University of Texas Medical Branch

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With more than 75 members the Sealy Center for Vaccine Development (SCVD) incorporates the expertise of more than 100 cutting-edge research programs. The faculty and staff of the SCVD strive to create, perfect, and promote the most effective and safest disease prevention strategies. In this effort, the center carries on the proud tradition of medical research and discovery that has been a hallmark of UTMB since its inception. The SCVD combines the expertise of basic scientists in many areas, including virologists, bacteriologists, parasitologists, materials scientists and immunologists, and physician-scientists who undertake clinical research and regulatory scientists with experience necessary to prepare a candidate vaccine for progression into the testing and evaluation pipeline.
As one of the most comprehensive university-based vaccine development centers in the US, the SCVD participates in four out of the five components (excluding manufacturing) of the vaccine development pathway: 

•              Basic & Discovery Research 
                     Vaccines for infectious diseases, including  chronic diseases 
                     Biothreat agents, BSL2-4 
•              Pre/Nonclinical Development 
                     Animal models of infectious diseases 
                     Regulated studies and quality systems 
•              Clinical Research and Trials 
                      Phase I-IV vaccine clinical trials 
                      Federal and Pharma studies 
•              Post-licensure 
                     Policy and vaccine acceptance research 
                     Public and healthcare provider education