Salipro Biotech

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Salipro Biotech enables novel drug and vaccine development to membrane protein targets. Our proprietary Salipro® nano-membrane technology reconstitute and stabilize membrane proteins. The technology has been proven to work with various classes of membrane protein.
To date, Salipro Biotech has signed several agreements with Top 20 pharma companies for various drug discovery projects on membrane protein targets. For antigen development, the Salipro® technology offers additional value to partners in the vaccine industry:
  • Stabilization of native and functional antigens within soluble Salipro® nano-membrane particles
  • Improved thermostability and antigen half-life
  • Reconstitution of the entire membrane lipidome and proteome of pathogens or cells
  • Straight-forward purification, characterization and concentration of Salipro®-antigens
  • Allowing to freeze-dry membrane-protein-based antigens in Salipro®
In case you are interested to hear more about our current case studies and to discuss the possibilities in vaccine development, please don’t hesitate to contact us.