Medi-Immune Limited

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About Medi-Immune and Inocul-Air
In 2008, Medi-Immune  became the vehicle for the development of an inventive concept with the objective of protecting individuals and populations, in the short term, from the dangers of all airborne pathogens such as Influenza, MERS, SARS, Anthrax, Tuberculosis etc. and simultaneously of activating the individual’s immune system to provide long term protection.  This effectively vaccinates them, without vaccines, while protecting them.  
Prototype devices were built and tested and the new knowledge acquired enabled technological obstacles to be overcome.  The results of recent tests, on the latest prototypes at Public Health England Porton Down, were exceptional and Medi-Immune is confident that powerful new Intellectual Property is available, to add to the existing family of patents, and additional patent applications have been registered.  
The technology, that is Inocul-Air, is a compact, portable, filter free sterilization chamber, small enough to be worn on a belt, and it will be classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and as a Medical Device delivering immunity, when combined with a flexible tube linking it to a face mask or other equipment, of various designs, to suit specific application requirements.
Medi-Immune’s Inocul-Airׂ was designed to protect and immunise from the outset of a pandemics, outbreak of deadly airborne pathogens or in cases of bioterrorism.  It will also protect people who are immuno-compromised, or have other respiratory diseases such as COPD.
Devices based on Medi-Immune’s technology could make serious inroads into the costs, to world economies, of respiratory infections, including seasonal flu and colds.  These costs are estimated to be in excess of $100 billion per annum.