360biolabs Pty Ltd

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360biolabs is Australia’s most comprehensive speciality laboratory services organisation for therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostics development. We develop and conduct pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) assays across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and provide extensive support services to ensure the success of preclinical studies and clinical trials.

360biolabs supports bioanalysis for new and established small molecules, peptides, proteins and biologics. Our immunology and virology experts offer comprehensive analytical support for complex biologics, extensive immune monitoring capabilities, cell culture based assays, molecular capabilities and the flexibility to develop assays for new technologies.

The team at 360biolabs are driven by quality with internationally recognised ISO and GLP accreditation. Our customer-focused business is founded on consistently meeting client requirements.

360biolabs is located in Melbourne, Australia’s biomedical and clinical research hub and is well-positioned to support your clinical requirements.