Mr Robert Steinglass | Director, Immunization Center
John Snow Inc

Mr Robert Steinglass, Director, Immunization Center, John Snow Inc

Robert Steinglass (MPH, Johns Hopkins, 1977) brings a strong technical, programmatic, field and global immunization perspective to the immunization enterprise.  Based in Washington, D.C., Robert is Director of the Immunization Center at John Snow, Inc. (JSI), a public health consulting, development and research firm based in Boston and Washington D.C. with offices in 50 countries around the world.  In a career spanning 40 years, he has been involved at all levels with most aspects of strengthening immunization programs by providing technical support to Ministries of Health and partners in about 50 countries (mostly in Africa, Asia and NIS).
Robert directed immunization on each of USAID’s centrally-funded, JSI-managed projects since 1990, including in reverse chronological order MCHIP, IMMUNIZATIONbasics, BASICS II, BASICS, REACH II, and REACH.  From 1979-1987, he was WHO’s immunization technical officer in North Yemen, Oman and Nepal. Earlier, he began his public health career in smallpox eradication in Ethiopia and North Yemen.  He has worked in 50 low-resource countries and served on global advisory committees at WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, CDC, Institute of Medicine and elsewhere.  Robert has authored more than 25 peer- reviewed journal publications and several book chapters on immunization.

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