Matthew Duchars | VP, Product Development
Emergent BioSolutions

Matthew Duchars, VP, Product Development, Emergent BioSolutions

Key leadership role responsible for running a diverse portfolio of vaccine, therapeutic and device products. Responsible for continued growth in product development across multiple business areas. Accountable for annual development revenues >$100m. Lead team of 30 (6 direct reports) spanning departments and functions in Product Development, Project Management, Grants and Contracts, CIADM (Center for Innovation and Advanced Development and Manufacture), Non-Clinical and Proof of Concept teams. Required to develop and deliver product strategies and budgets for multiple vaccine and therapeutic products, ranging from discovery through Phase 3, as well as post marketing commitments. Manage and maintain relationship with government agencies.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 09:10

VLA 1601, a jointly-developed vaccine candidate against Zika based on a well-proven technology platform

·         Medical need and trends on Zika epidemiology

·         Vaccine design and characterization

·         Ongoing Phase I in the US and development outlook

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