Lynlee Burton | Director of Project Delivery - Vaccines
PRA Health Sciences

Lynlee Burton, Director of Project Delivery - Vaccines, PRA Health Sciences

Lynlee Burton, MBA, provides operational oversight for PRA's Vaccine Solutions Group, ensuring each study is adequately resourced and that project deliverables meet or exceed clients' expectations. Ms Burton gained her in-depth knowledge of vaccine studies during her 20+ years in the clinical research industry, 15 years of which were focused on project management. Ms Burton managed vaccine studies for 3 global vaccine companies for 9 years, specializing in large, global, pediatric vaccine trials that included hepatitis B, influenza, polio, and combination vaccines. Adult vaccine experience includes both hepatitis B therapeutic vaccine and prophylactic vaccines. Her global trial experience includes North and South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.



DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 10:10

Have we made enough progress in overcoming the unique challenges in conducting vaccine clinical trials in Asia?

  • Use of surrogate endpoints, differential efficacy / safety in diverse populations, accurate┬ámeasures of exposure

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