Dr Li Shi | Chief Executive Officer
Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co Ltd

Dr Li Shi, Chief Executive Officer, Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co Ltd

As the CEO of Zerun Bio, Dr. Li Shi is leading the company in the front line of vaccine technology and product development in China vaccine industry.  The company achieved success M&A with Walvax in 2013 and is currently focusing on huamn vaccine development and commercialization for China and world markets. Prior joining Zerun Bio in 2011, Dr. Shi had 25 years of USA experience in vaccine, protein, and gene therapy product development mainly in Merck and Genzyme. He made multiple important contributions to Merck’s Gardasil® vaccine development from preclinical research stage to clinical developments, tech transfer, manufacturing validation, BLA filing, and commercialization. The success of Gardasil® vaccine, allowed Merck team received 2006 ACS Best Bioprocess Award, and 2007 World Pre-Galen Award (called World Pharma Industry Nobel Prize) and achieved $2 billion sale. Dr. Shi graduated from Peking University, and received Ph.D. from University of California, and postdoctoral and MBA trainings from Scripps and Lehigh University, respectively. He has a total of over 140 paper, patent, and presentation publications. He is a winner of W. H. Person’s Award of ACS. He is a former president and co-founder of SAPA(GP), and served in expert and advisory committees of DIA(China) and USP(global) and on board of multiple pharmaceutical associations.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 5:10

A double perspective from both sides: How to foster vaccine partnerships

  • Lesson learned in global access agreements
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