Dr Lakshmi Krishnan | Group Leader-Senior Research Officer
National Research Council

Dr Lakshmi Krishnan, Group Leader-Senior Research Officer, National Research Council

Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan is the Director for the Immunobiology Department and the Program Leader for the Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics at the National Research Council Canada (NRC)-Human Health Therapeutics (HHT) portfolio. She provides scientific leadership for the program developing innovative solutions for vaccines and immunotherapeutics against emerging infections and cancer. The program deploys ~60 research personnel that work closely with industry to progress a pipeline of novel products through pre-clinical development.  Dr. Krishnan was instrumental in developing a strong portfolio of NRC proprietary adjuvants, including archaeosomes. Her research also encompasses study of host pathogen immunity in pregnancy including maternal immunization. Dr. Krishnan received her Master’s degree in Bio-medical Genetics and Ph.D. in Immunology.  She  has published >60 research articles, several patents and received research grants from various agencies including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and National Institutes of Health (USA). Dr. Krishnan also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa. In addition to her academic training Dr. Krishnan is a Leadership Training Program (LDP®)graduate from the Centre for Creative Leadership, USA.


DC Co-conference Day 3 April 5 @ 09:40

Archaeal lipid adjuvants and adenovirus vector delivery systems for cancer vaccine delivery Sulfated semi-synthetic archaeal lipids are potent modulators of vaccine immunity

  • A single lipid formulation can effectively deliver cancer antigens and provide protection in cancer models
  • Therapeutic benefit can be extended through combination vaccines with adenoviral vector antigen delivery and check-point inhibitor blockade

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