Jim Wassil | Vice President, Business Unit Lead, Vaccines, Global Health and Value

Jim Wassil, Vice President, Business Unit Lead, Vaccines, Global Health and Value, Pfizer

James Wassil, MBA, MS, is the Business Unit Lead at Pfizer Vaccines with responsibilities of Health Outcomes, Cost-Effectiveness, Market Access, Tender Procurement and Pricing.
James joined Pfizer in 2015 from Novartis, where he was Global Program Head for Meningococcal Vaccines and responsible for overseeing the development of Bexsero®, the company’s recently licensed meningococcal B vaccine and its ABCWY candidate vaccine.  He also led the company’s US launch of Menveo®, a quadrivalent conjugate vaccine to protect against invasive disease caused by the ACWY serogroups of Neisseria meningitidis.
Mr. Wassil’s industry experience spans research, development, regulatory affairs, quality, technology transfer, and commercial operations. Prior to joining Novartis in 2008, he was with Merck for 16 years. He began his Merck career in technology transfer, where he helped to develop the company’s hepatitis A and rotavirus vaccines, and later played an integral role in significantly expanding international access to its vaccines serving as the representative to CVI.
Mr. Wassil earned a bachelor of science degree in chemistry/biology with high honors from the University of Notre Dame and a master of science degree in bio-organic chemistry and a master of business administration degree, both from Lehigh University.  In 2014, James received the VIVA Award as Novartis’ top scientist in 2014 for development and approval of Bexsero®.  He also was an ACE Finalist (Secretary of State Award for Corporate Excellence) for his role in conducting an effectiveness study of RotaTeq® in Nicaragua.


DC Pre-congress WS day April 2 @ 2:00

Workshop C: Market access & regulatory challenges in vaccines

The market access landscape for vaccines is more complex than most. Various obstacles are creating a disproportionate move away from investing in preventative interventions and vaccines. Recommendation from the ACIP is an important step towards funding and getting a vaccine to market. 

Join us at the workshop to understand the key components of the ACIPs decisions to recommend and fund and how industry can facilitate this process. Learn how to cope with the obstacles to make sure we get optimal value for our vaccines and discover the pit falls to avoid when launching a new vaccine.

Recommendations and Funding: What are the key components to the ACIPs evaluation of vaccines?

The Value of Vaccination 

Accelerating Access to Vaccines: A manufacturer’s perspective​

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