Dr Eileen Barry | Professor of Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine | United States

Dr Eileen Barry, Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dr. Eileen Barry, PhD is Professor of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine (UMSOM). Her research in the Center for Vaccine Development focuses on elucidating molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and the development of vaccines against enteric pathogens, including Shigella and enterotoxigenic E.coli (ETEC), that are responsible for significant morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Target populations include children in less developed counties who suffer the largest burden as well as travelers to endemic regions and deployed military personnel. She has constructed live attenuated vaccine candidates of Shigella that have advanced to Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials where they have been demonstrated to be safe and immunogenic. The attenuated bacteria are also used as live vectors for the expression and delivery of antigens from heterologous pathogens. Dr. Barry has engineered a vaccine composed of attenuated Shigella that expresses critical ETEC antigens. She is an active teacher and mentor for medical and graduate students at UMSOM and a passionate advocate for the next generation of biomedical researchers.

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