Dr Darrel Styles | Senior Staff Veterinarian
U.S.D.A. A.P.H.I.S. Veterinary Services

Dr Darrel Styles, Senior Staff Veterinarian, U.S.D.A. A.P.H.I.S. Veterinary Services

Dr. Styles is a veterinary microbiologist (virologist) who has been with APHIS Veterinary Services since 2006, and is housed in the Risk Identification/Risk Assessment Unit within the Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health. His duties include technical oversight for infectious disease of livestock and other animals; disease countermeasure development including: vaccine development, acquisition for stockpiling, and strategies for administration; diagnostics collaborative development and acquisition for stockpiling; emerging diseases risk identification and risk assessment; and providing subject matter expertise on emerging diseases and one-health issues.

B.S. in Chemistry – Appalachian State University, 1981
DVM – North Carolina State University College of Vet. Med., 1987
MS in Medicinal Chemistry – University of Texas College of Pharmacy, 2000
PhD in Veterinary Microbiology – Texas A&M University College of Vet. Med., 2005


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 3:40

The role of veterinary vaccines in the emergency management of a foreign animal disease outbreak

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