Anup Akkihal | Chief Executive

Anup Akkihal, Chief Executive, Logistimo

Anup Akkihal is a systems thinker and action researcher.  After more than a decade of building software and strategy consulting across industries – from defense to global health – he co-founded a technology enterprise in 2010 called Logistimo to pioneer novel value networks in frontier markets.  Alongside collaborators, he works to strengthen rural access to essential products and improve market linkages for village producers across Asia and Africa – especially in healthcare, agriculture, energy, industrial goods and consumer products.  Anup was born and raised in West Virginia, USA.  He studied at the Johns Hopkins University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 12:40

Optimizing supply chains to meet the demands of an increasingly large and costly portfolio of vaccines

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