Pre-Congress Workshops


This year we’ve added four exciting new workshops to give delegates over 3 hours to dive in to more detail on:

  • Advances in using structure-based knowledge for smarter vaccine designs 
  • Incorporating passive immunization with active immunization – The role and use mABs for infectious diseases 
  • The role of vaccines in preventing outbreaks, through natural causes or biothreats: The WHO blueprint 
  • Market access & regulatory challenges in vaccines
Meet all the workshop leaders and like-minded peers in a more intimate setting before embracing the 1,000+ total attendees over the 4 days.



DC Pre-congress WS day April 2

Morning Worshops

Pre-Congress Workshops A & C

Workshop A: Advances in using structure-based knowledge for smarter vaccine designs

Structure-based vaccines are designed on the rationale that atomic-level information on antibody-antigen interactions can provide critical insight to assist the development of immunogens capable of inducing protection against pathogens. Structure-based vaccines have become a much-anticipated field over the years with increasingly more preclinical and clinical staged developments. This workshop focuses on recent advances and their application in providing protection against infectious diseases.
  • Progress in Stabilized Pre-fusion Glycoprotein Vaccines for Paramyxoviruses & HIV-1
  • Structure-based antigen design to tackle vaccine challenges for class I fusion proteins
  • Using structural based vaccine design to target flavivirus infections: Zika and Dengue
  • GSK’s CMV structural biology research
​Followed by Discussion with all speakers
Pre-Congress Workshops B & D

Workshop B: Incorporating passive immunization with active immunization – The role and use mABs for infectious diseases

Should there really be a distinction between passive and active immunization when responding to diseases and infections therapeutically? Join this workshop to understand how these treatments are increasingly combined and the role of both passive and active immunization in future.

An overview of the scientific rationale & landscape survey of antibodies in preclinical and clinical development for infectious diseases

RSV and bacterial (Sa and Pa) prophylactic monoclonals in development

Current Sa antibodies used effectively for prophylaxis

True Human™ antibody therapy against C. difficile
Session led by: arsanis-inc

Networking Lunch

Afternoon Workshops

Pre-Congress Workshops A & C

Workshop C: Market access & regulatory challenges in vaccines

The market access landscape for vaccines is more complex than most. Various obstacles are creating a disproportionate move away from investing in preventative interventions and vaccines. Recommendation from the ACIP is an important step towards funding and getting a vaccine to market. 

Join us at the workshop to understand the key components of the ACIPs decisions to recommend and fund and how industry can facilitate this process. Learn how to cope with the obstacles to make sure we get optimal value for our vaccines and discover the pit falls to avoid when launching a new vaccine.

Recommendations and Funding: What are the key components to the ACIPs evaluation of vaccines?

The Value of Vaccination 

Accelerating Access to Vaccines: A manufacturer’s perspective​
Pre-Congress Workshops B & D

Workshop D:The role of vaccines in preventing outbreaks, through natural causes or biothreats: The WHO blueprint

It only takes natural outbreaks like the Ebola and Zika viruses to highlight the danger and fragile balance we live in. To ensure global and international security, important decisions need to be made in stockpiling and prioritizing research efforts, however there is a lack of vaccine manufacturers producing these countermeasure treatments. Participate in this workshop to understand the rationale for developers to produce these lower commercial interest vaccines, and the challenges/opportunities associated in working with the government.

Public-private partnerships for pandemic influenza and emerging infectious disease vaccine preparedness and response

The WHO blueprint: Nipah, MERS, LASSA, Zika, Chik

Modelling for dangerous pathogens and estimating vaccine efficacy

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