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Panel discussion
April 14, 10:00 - 5:30


Anti-Infective Immunotherapies: Should there really be a distinction between passive and active immunization when responding to diseases and infections therapeutically? Join this workshop to understand how anti-infective immunotherapies are increasingly combined and the role of both passive and active immunization in future.
  • Scientific rationale & landscape of antibodies in preclinical and clinical development for infectious diseases
  • Anti-fungal Immunotherapy – Candida vaccine
  • Anti-fungal immunotherapy – Cryptococcus Neoformans vaccine
  • RSV and bacterial (Sa and Pa) prophylactic monoclonals in development
  • Development and testing of a human IgG1 monoclonal antibody to the broadly conserved microbial surface polysaccharide, PNAG
  • Bacterial mAbs and vaccine approaches
  • MAbs against viruses
  • Designing and Engineering antibodies to mutable protein targets
  • Regulatory Strategy and guidance on developing anti-infective immunotherapies
Sumathi Nambiar Sumathi Nambiar, Director, Division Of Aniti-Infective Products, FDA


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