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With the ever-increasing volume in data and a growing number of new vaccines entering the market it has never been more important to leverage new technologies and methods to improve the efficiency and accuracy of pharmacovigilance for vaccines.  

This focussed vaccine safety and pharmacovigilance conference will allow you to listen and learn from key thought leaders in this space, as well as to showcase any solutions that are greatly needed in order to revolutionise and replace outdated ways of working.   Furthermore, escalating incidences of vaccine-refusal makes the importance of effective communication paramount, so join us to present your most successful strategies


Who Attends


• Pharma
• Biotech
• Regulatory Agencies
• Government
• Academics


Job Titles


• Vaccine Safety Lead
• Head of Vaccine Safety Evaluation
• Vaccine Safety Physician
• Regulatory Pharmacovigilance
• G.P.V. and EU Q.P.P.V
• Head of Vaccine safety Surveillance
• Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Who Should Sponsor?


• Consulting services
• Risk Management services
• IT Solution providers
• Mobile solutions / app developers
• Data solution providers
• CROs
• PR and communications firms


Vaccine Safety Conference, Tuesday 16 April 2019

Vaccine Communication – Risk Assessment and Communication of Safety

Panel discussion
Vaccine Safety Conference

Strategies to enhance vaccine acceptance in future generations

  • How have non-medical exemptions affected vaccine uptake in the US?
  • The vaccine education project: Laying the groundwork to ensure children and young adults are more accepting of vaccines in the future – what are the reasons that people are influenced by the anti-vaccine movement?
  • Developing a vaccine education curriculum for physicians to increase vaccine acceptance
  • What is the current and future role of digital/social media in shaping public perception around vaccination?
  • How can the media be used as a tool to aid scientists in getting out their message accurately? How can scientists communicate with journalists more effectively?

Networking Coffee Break

Understanding the System


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Emerging Science in Vaccine Safety


Networking Coffee Break

Dr Steven Jacobsen
Vaccine Safety Conference

Challenges in post-licensure safety studies using real world data. Example: Hepatitis b vaccine

Dr Matthew Dudley
Vaccine Safety Conference

The state of vaccine safety science; a systematic review of the evidence


Chair’s Closing Remarks per co-lo and Close of Congress Day 2


Off-site Networking Drinks, Supported by Enesi Pharma

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Vaccine Safety Conference, Wednesday 17 April 2019

Vaccine Safety Case Studies

Dr Fernanda Tavares Da Silva
Vaccine Safety Conference

Safety monitoring of vaccines targeting special populations (e.g. elderly, maternal): Current challenges and approaches


Networking Coffee Break

Dr Christopher Kripas
Vaccine Safety Conference

Considerations for safety assessment of a new class of mRNA vaccines


Networking Lunch & Poster Session


Paul Offit

New lessons from old controversies

  • What have we learnt from previous vaccines failures to drive new vaccines forward?
  • Why is there is low uptake on currently available vaccines? E.g. HPV & influenza
  • Examples and case studies from: Lyme & Rota – what does this mean for future vaccine innovation and R&D?
Dr Saad Omer

A framework for a comprehensive maternal immunization platform

  • Evidence for current immunization recommendations
  • Maternal vaccines in development
  • The need for evidence-based interventions at the practice, provider, and patient levels to ensure higher vaccination levels
Dr Timothy Cooke

Chair Closing Remarks and End of Congress

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