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The Immune Profiling Conference brings together pharma and biotech, together with leading research institutes. They’re meeting to discuss how profiling of the immune system using high throughput technologies can aid therapeutic design and treatment strategies in infectious and non-infectious diseases including cancer. If you offer platforms or technologies that can help advance or predict the outcome of these companies pipeline, the event will allow you to showcase your services and technologies directly to them and generate awareness of what you do with key decision makers.






Immune Profiling, Wednesday 4 April 2018

Rational Vaccine Designs Against Infection and Disease – What Do We know?

Wayne C Koff
Immune Profiling

The Human Vaccines Project: Harnessing recent technological advances in the biomedical and computational sciences to accelerate vaccine development

  • Deciphering the human immunome to facilitate diagnostic, vaccine, and therapeutic discovery
  • Interpreting immunogenicity to enable induction of specific and durable protective immune responses
  • Towards a universal influenza vaccine
Dr Robert Seder
Immune Profiling

Immune profiling in the context of TB and Malaria vaccination

Dr Richard B Kennedy
Immune Profiling

Creating a detailed understanding of how the immune responds to foreign pathogens or self-antigens and developing tools for prediction


Networking coffee break

Giuseppe Del Giudice
Immune Profiling

Biomarkers of vaccine safety

  • The need for specific trial design
  • Systemic vs local markers
  • The experience of Biovacsafe
Dr James Crowe
Immune Profiling

Principles of broad and potent antiviral human antibodies: Insights for vaccine design

  • Isolating and studying human antiviral mAbs and the basis for their activity
  • Understanding of the chemical and physical basis for molecular recognition of viral surface proteins
  • Building predictive molecular models that can be used for vaccine design

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Biomarkers and New Technologies to Decode the Immune System

Dr Jean-Francois Poulin
Immune Profiling

Integrated Immune Monitoring Solutions for Preclinical and Clinical Development of Immunotherapeutics

Dr Franco Pissani
Immune Profiling

FluoroSpot in vaccine research: Investigating polyfunctional T cell responses and B cell cross-reactivity

Dr Drew Pardoll
Immune Profiling

Neoantigens versus tumour associated antigens: What are their relative roles as targets for cancer immunity?

  • While there is clear evidence that mutation associated neoantigens provide relevant targets, the role of tumor associated antigens remains to be validated.
  • Tumor viruses allow us to have our cake and eat it- they are tumor specific, yet shared.
  • New platforms for sensitive and specific assessment of t cell responses to cancer open the door to a broader range of immunotherapies.

Networking coffee break

Involvement of the Microbiome and Cross Talk with Immune Cells

Dr Benjamin Fiebiger
Immune Profiling

A rationally designed therapeutic consortium reshapes the gut microbiota and induces peripheral immune tolerance to protect from allergic asthma

Dr Shahram Lavasani
Immune Profiling

The significant role of intestinal microbiome, barrier function, and immune system in disease prevention, treatment and therapeutic development

  • Designed microbiome therapies targeting the microbes and beyond

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress day 2


Networking Drinks & Party

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Immune Profiling, Thursday 5 April 2018

Analysing Immune Profiles for Cancer Treatment

Panel discussion
Immune Profiling

Panel: Engineering CAR-T & TCR cells for cancer therapy

  • How can you additionally modify T-cells beyond the T cell receptor/ the CAR to behave in a more controlled and/or potent fashion?
  • The challenge of keeping the manufacturing process simple, whilst maintaining the effectiveness of the product
  • The use of molecular imaging to track CAR T cells: Where do they go in the body? Do they accumulate in the tumor?
  • Mitigating side effects: controlling neurotoxicity etc.
  • Biomarkers – Identifying patients that will respond to treatment
  • Combination strategies
Dr Ezio Bonvini
Immune Profiling

Combinatorial immunotherapy: expanding the horizons with bispecific DART® molecules


Networking coffee break

Dr Adrian Bot
Immune Profiling

Translation of Yescarta, a first in class anti-CAR T cell product for non-Hodgkin lymphoma

  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Yescarta treatment related immune signature in blood and tumor tissue   
  • Mechanistic aspects underlying toxicities and treatment failure
Dr Bahram Bob Valamehr
Immune Profiling

Development of off-the-shelf immunotherapy from pluripotent cells

  • Pluripotent Cell Derived T and NK cells: Cornerstone Approach for Off-the-Shelf Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Use of small molecules and biologics, ex vivo, to optimize the biological properties and therapeutic function of hematopoietic cells

Networking Lunch & Poster Session


Dr Angela Shen

Report on U.S. vaccine development and innovation including the current landscape, existing challenges, and drivers and levers to incentivize development

  • A combined effort from HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA, BARDA to promote innovation in the development of vaccines that minimize the burden of infectious disease
  • What is the optimal process to determine which vaccines would be beneficial to public health and how information on such vaccines is disseminated to key stakeholders
  • Identifying whether obstacles exist that inhibit the development of beneficial vaccines
  • Recommendations on how best to promote and incentivize vaccine innovation and development
Dr Jeffrey Stoddard

Zoster vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted: A journey from research to approval

  • Non-live, recombinant vaccine to help prevent herpes zoster (shingles), combining glycoprotein E with an adjuvant system, AS01
  • Sharing positive results from Phase III revaccination study 
Dr Walter A Orenstein

With polio eradication succeeding, should measles eradication come next?

  • Changing the perception from polio: Focusing on measles elimination to build our overall immunization program
  • Using a “diagonal” approach when dealing with highly contagious preventable diseases like measles
  • Surveillance -  a weakness in our system?
  • Cost of controlling outbreaks and the consequences
Dr Paul Offit

Vaccine hesitancy: How to respond to the media to advance better health

  • Challenges to communicating science through the opaque prism of the media
  • How certain cultural biases can influence the perception of science 

3:40 Chair closing remarks and end of congress

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