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The Ebola & Zika outbreaks brought emerging and re-emerging diseases screaming into the limelight. This brought with it a renewed vigor for vaccines from the public and a catalyst for the scientific community to progress vaccines for diseases such as Ebola, Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Use this Conference to meet with and demonstrate your knowledge to the organizations who are pushing forward in this area.






Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases, Wednesday 4 April 2018

Rapid Response Vaccines & Vaccine Safety

Matthew Duchars
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

VLA 1601, a jointly-developed vaccine candidate against Zika based on a well-proven technology platform

·         Medical need and trends on Zika epidemiology

·         Vaccine design and characterization

·         Ongoing Phase I in the US and development outlook

Dr Farshad Guirakhoo
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

MVA-VLP as a Plug and Play platform for development of safe and effective single dose vaccines for emerging infectious diseases, preclinical data for Zika, Ebola and Lassa as examples

Dr Uwe Staerz
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

A Plug-and-Play Technology Platform to Expedite the Production of Vaccines for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases

·         The potency and functionality of our platform with data from studies with highly pathological avian influenza (HPAI) and MERS-CoV vaccines

Pei-Yong Shi
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

A single-dose live-attenuated Zika vaccine

·         3’UTR 10-nucleotide deletion

·         Prevents infection in rhesus macaques & utero transmission in pregnant mice

·         Protects testis and sperm count damage in mice

·         Protective immunity within two weeks in rhesus macaques

·         Durable immunity with potential life-time protection

·         Excellent safety profile in mice and non-human primates


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Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Vector Control & Trial Design

Kathy Lenhard
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

How to achieve executional success in emerging/re-emerging disease studies with real world examples – The success formula

·         Considerations when conducting vaccine clinical research including:

·         Picking the right geographic mix, networks, sites and vendor relationships in place

·         Understanding the patient landscape and cultural patterns - Mapping the ecosystem for success

·         How to trace the lines of accountability in your study ecosystem which is different from simply assigning responsibility within that eco-system

·         Learn about our on-the-ground experiences: Common pitfalls vs. proven recipe for success

Panel discussion
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

How can vaccines and vector control be integrated and used synergistically in a control program

·         Clinical development challenges associated with the design and conduct of emerging epidemic trials

·         Current status of Zika Vaccine candidates in Clinical Development

·         Geographical Considerations: Epidemiology v Trial Locations

·         Considerations for Zika Vaccine Clinical Development Strategy


Networking coffee break

Recent progress in vaccines and outbreak management of emerging virus infections

Dr Erich Tauber
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Overview Phase 2 progress with a measles vectored Chikungunya vaccine candidate, and implications for the development of this vector platform

Dr John A. Howard
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Stockpiling heat stable oral vaccines to combat emerging disease

Dr Mazen Hassanain

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress day 2


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Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases, Thursday 5 April 2018

Vaccines for Neglected and Bacterial Diseases

Dr Peter Hotez
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Will a new 2018 global leadership commit to NTDs?

·         How will the shift in global governance from 2017 (in the UN, WHO, US president and UK prime minister) affect the global support for NTDs?

·         What does our community of NTD scientists, public health experts, and health care providers want this new global leadership to know about our diseases?

·         What should they prioritize?

Dr Veronica Gambillara Fonck
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Bioconjugate Shigella vaccine in clinical development

·         The development plan for a Shigella vaccine demonstrated in PhI and a PhIIB human challenge study

·         A regulatory tool for licensing

Dr Erin Spiegel
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Expanding vaccine effectiveness with needle-free delivery

Dr Andrew Cox
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

HiA; A vaccine solution to address an urgent public health need


Networking coffee break

Dr Eileen Barry
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Development of a Combined Shigella-ETEC Live Vaccine

Dr Eileen Barry, Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Dr Sushant Sahastrabuddhe
Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases

Strategies for developing vaccines against Paratyphoid A fever


Networking Lunch & Poster Session


Dr Angela Shen

Report on U.S. vaccine development and innovation including the current landscape, existing challenges, and drivers and levers to incentivize development

  • A combined effort from HHS, NIH, CDC, FDA, BARDA to promote innovation in the development of vaccines that minimize the burden of infectious disease
  • What is the optimal process to determine which vaccines would be beneficial to public health and how information on such vaccines is disseminated to key stakeholders
  • Identifying whether obstacles exist that inhibit the development of beneficial vaccines
  • Recommendations on how best to promote and incentivize vaccine innovation and development
Dr Jeffrey Stoddard

Zoster vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted: A journey from research to approval

  • Non-live, recombinant vaccine to help prevent herpes zoster (shingles), combining glycoprotein E with an adjuvant system, AS01
  • Sharing positive results from Phase III revaccination study 
Dr Walter A Orenstein

With polio eradication succeeding, should measles eradication come next?

  • Changing the perception from polio: Focusing on measles elimination to build our overall immunization program
  • Using a “diagonal” approach when dealing with highly contagious preventable diseases like measles
  • Surveillance -  a weakness in our system?
  • Cost of controlling outbreaks and the consequences
Dr Paul Offit

Vaccine hesitancy: How to respond to the media to advance better health

  • Challenges to communicating science through the opaque prism of the media
  • How certain cultural biases can influence the perception of science 

3:40 Chair closing remarks and end of congress

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