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With so much activity around cancer vaccines and immunotherapy right now, can you afford to miss out? It is the place where the global market will come together to share the latest in early-stage scientific advancements, present clinical trial data, discuss new formulations of cancer vaccines and assess the future of combination treatments. Make sure that people are aware of the work you are doing to put yourself at the forefront of the industry.


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Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference, Tuesday 16 April 2019

Novel Immunotherapy Trends

Dr Pramod Srivastava
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Challenges in identification of cancer neoantigens: lessons from mouse models and a Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced ovarian cancers

  • Most potential antigens identified in silico are not active in vivo
  • Algorithms for prediction of good CTL epitopes in viral and model antigens are generally not predictive of good anti-cancer response
  • CD8 response as measured ex vivo is not predictive of anti-tumor response (i.e. tumor regression) in vivo
  • New rules for prediction are suggested
  • A Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced ovarian cancers is ongoing

Networking Coffee Break

Dr Jessica Baker Flechtner
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Inhibitory T cell responses are identified using the ATLASTM platform technology: implications for cancer immunotherapy

Cancer vaccines

Adam Buckley
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Virus like particles for effective antigen delivery in therapeutic vaccines

Dr Ildiko Csiki
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Application of the 3M Microneedle delivery system for effective caner immunotherapy

Dr Marit Van Buuren
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Overview of Neon’s approach to the development of personalized cancer immunotherapies

Linda Powers
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

DCVax® personalized immune therapies for cancer


Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Dr Hari Pujar
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Considerations for development and manufacturing of personalized cancer vaccines

Panel discussion
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Panel: Re-emergence of dendritic cell vaccines for cancer treatment

  • Understanding the mechanisms by which DC functions are disrupted by the tumor microenvironment
  • Insights on innovative improvements in DC targeted vaccine platforms
    • Methods for improving DC maturation, antigen presentation, antigen loading, selection and proliferation
    • Alternatives to using monocyte-derived DCs
  • How can a combination of this and other immunotherapies be used to overturn tumor-induced immune-suppression?

Oncolytic Viruses


Networking Coffee Break

Dr Steve Thorne
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Vaccinia virus-based immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumors

Dr Alexander Kort
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Development of safe and effective cancer therapies using approaches based on the measles virus vaccine vector

Checkpoints, targeted drugs and combinations


Chair’s Closing Remarks per co-lo and Close of Congress Day 2


Off-site Networking Drinks, Supported by Enesi Pharma

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Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference, Wednesday 17 April 2019

Engineered Cancer Immunotherapy: T cells to Bispecifics, and beyond

Dr Richard C Koya
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

DEACT – A unique dual enhanced adoptive cell therapy platform for the treatment of multiple myeloma and solid tumors

Dr Wenjun Sun
Cancer & Immunotherapy Vaccines Conference

Overview of the cell therapy landscape in China


Networking Coffee Break


Networking Lunch & Poster Session


Paul Offit

New lessons from old controversies

  • What have we learnt from previous vaccines failures to drive new vaccines forward?
  • Why is there is low uptake on currently available vaccines? E.g. HPV & influenza
  • Examples and case studies from: Lyme & Rota – what does this mean for future vaccine innovation and R&D?
Dr Saad Omer

A framework for a comprehensive maternal immunization platform

  • Evidence for current immunization recommendations
  • Maternal vaccines in development
  • The need for evidence-based interventions at the practice, provider, and patient levels to ensure higher vaccination levels
Dr Timothy Cooke

Chair Closing Remarks and End of Congress

last published: 11/Apr/19 17:05

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