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With so much activity around cancer vaccines and immunotherapy right now, can you afford to miss out? It is the place where the global market will come together to share the latest in early-stage scientific advancements, present clinical trial data, discuss new formulations of cancer vaccines and assess the future of combination treatments. Make sure that people are aware of the work you are doing to put yourself at the forefront of the industry.




Cancer & Immunotherapy, Wednesday 4 April 2018

Cancer & Immunotherapy

Chair’s opening remarks

Beyond Checkpoint Inhibitors

Dr Jay A. Berzofsky
Cancer & Immunotherapy

What’s next after PD1? Next generation checkpoint inhibitors including anti-TGF-beta

  • A deeper look at TGF-beta as a checkpoint inhibitor.
  • What are its effects on tumour growth and other cell types?
  • Synergy with vaccines and PD1 checkpoint inhibitors.
  • Brief look at other novel checkpoints, regulatory cells and cytokines; LAG3, Tim3
Panel discussion
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Panel Discussion: challenges to enhancing the therapeutic effectiveness of immune checkpoint antagonists with checkpoint agonists and inhibitors of immuno-metabolic pathways

  • Activating the antitumor immune T cell response through agonistic targets such as CD137 and OX40
  • Understanding the pathways used to create immune suppression and techniques to slow down immune suppression
  • What makes t-cell agonists so hard to work with vs checkpoint inhibitors?

Networking coffee break

Combination Therapy

Dr Roy Baynes
Cancer & Immunotherapy

PD-1 antibodies are transforming cancer therapy both as monotherapies and in combination

  • PD-1 antibody monotherapy indications continue to expand
  • PD-1 antibody has shown potential important activity when combined with:
    • Standard therapies e.g. chemotherapy
    • Targeted therapies e.g. with TKIs
    • Other immune modifying therapies e.g. IDO-1 inhibitors
    • Oncolytic viruses e.g. TVEC
  • Precision medicine will be increasingly important in patient selection
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Progress of combination studies using vaccines & checkpoint inhibitors in combination with other agents for the treatment of cancer

Dr Erin Karski
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Rapid and efficient development of combination therapies through a novel cancer immunotherapy platform.

  • Introduction to Morpheus; a novel cancer immunotherapy platform
  • How to go about selecting a combination study
  • Potential for use across several indications

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Cancer Vaccines

Dr Michael Kalos
Cancer & Immunotherapy

State of the art and novel approaches to T Cell Vaccines

  • How have recent advances in immunotherapy provided a path forward for T-Cell Vaccines?
  • Biomarkers for T-cell strategies
Dr Douglas Mcneel
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Synergy of DNA Vaccines with checkpoint inhibitors

  • Selection of appropriate vaccine antigens for prostate cancer
  • Updates from ongoing translational trials of DNA vaccines in prostate cancer
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Novel oncolytic virus-based therapeutic cancer vaccines


Networking coffee break

Dr Michael Ciesielski
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Targeting cancer through SurVaxM, a new peptide immunotherapeutic vaccine

  • SurVaxM is a synthetic long peptide (SLP) vaccine with incorporated peptide mimic technology
  • Engineered to trigger a stronger immune response than wild type peptide, through better MHC binding 
  • Completed Phase 1 clinical trial in recurrent glioblastoma
  • Interim phase 2 data and designing a phase 3 trial
  • Exploring other indications and combination therapies
Panel discussion
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Panel Discussion: Tumor neoantigEn SeLection Alliance (TESLA) – discovering the keys to developing personalized cancer vaccines

  • Accurately identifying neo-epitopes
    • What is the diversity of neo-epitope predictions from different groups?
    • How well did these predictions perform in terms of patient sample analysis?
    • Can we identify key parameters that improve the ability to predict neo-epitopes?
  • How do we convert this data into the creation of personalized cancer vaccines?
    • Merits of different vaccines platforms

Chair’s closing remarks and close of congress day 2


Networking Drinks & Party

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Cancer & Immunotherapy, Thursday 5 April 2018

Cancer & Immunotherapy

Chair’s opening remarks

Cancer Vaccines Continued

Dr Ildiko Csiki
Cancer & Immunotherapy

DNA vaccines for cancer immunotherapy

  • Introduction to DNA plasmid and electroporation delivery technology
  • Updates in proof of concept studies from various trials
  • Head and neck cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer
  • Examples of potential combination partners
  • The regulatory landscape for DNA Vaccines
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Overcoming the limitations of viral vectors whilst still maintaining superior generation and expansion of CTLs

Dr Lakshmi Krishnan
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Sulfated archael single lipid archaesome adjuvants for induction of cell mediated immunity against cancer vaccines

Dr Lakshmi Krishnan, Group Leader-Senior Research Officer, National Research Council


Cancer & Immunotherapy

Updates in the clinical development of an immunotherapy candidate for the treatment of chronic Hepatitis B


Networking coffee break

Dr Corey Casper
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Translational Studies Informing the Design and Feasibility of a vaccine against Epstein Barr Virus

  • Opportunities for the development of a vaccine against EBV
  • Understanding the medical necessity, market potential and public health use of EBV Vaccine.
  • The science behind the 3 vaccine candidates that currently exist:
    • Pre-clinical safety data
    • Updates on progress of phase 1 trials.
Dr Eliav Barr
Cancer & Immunotherapy

Advances in the development of a replication-deficient human cytomegalovirus vaccine for the prevention of congenital infection


Networking Lunch & Poster Session


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